Monday, February 25, 2008

Joining the dots

Video: John Pilger "The Invisible Government" Part 1/4

John Pilger "The Invisible Government" Part 2/4

John Pilger "The Invisible Government" Part 3/4

John Pilger "The Invisible Government" Part 4/4 Fixed!

New president of Cyprus signals desire to unite island

Turkish Cypriot Leader Sees Solution

A De Rothschild who had a good geography teacher - The Child Catcher

"The strategy of the Jewish state is the complete Zionization of Palestine, the takeover of land, water, offshore gas (estimated to be worth $4 billion dollars) and other economic resources and the total dispossession of the Palestinian people... Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama ...have pledged unconditional support for Israel; they have backed Israel’s genocidal policies against Gaza, the expansion of settlements and the total takeover of Jerusalem." - The Israeli Agenda and the Scorecard of the Zionist Power Configuration for 2008

Nadhmi Auchi is a British billionaire businessman who was born in Iraq. In the Sunday Times Rich List 2007 ranking of the wealthiest people in the UK he was placed 18th with an estimated fortune of £1,995 million.[1] Reportedly, Auchi has been convicted of fraud in France. Several US political fundraisers are currently on trial for corruption in connection with loans received from Auchi. Auchi is currently barred from entering the US by the state department as an undesirable alien.[2]

'Joining some of the Dots : Pt 27 Nahdmi Auchi ,Ibitsam Auchi, Antoin "Tony" Rezko , Barack Obama, Talat Othman and George Bush via Peter Carter-Fuck'

Grouchy Nadhmi Auchi and the problems of the blogiste


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