Tuesday, February 19, 2008


9 11 video above

US Military Camp Bondsteel, In the newly "Independent" Kosovo

NATO's Kosovo Colony - Counterpunch

Report Here on the US failure in Iraq: "The use of B1 bombers shows the terrible failure of the U.S. campaign in Iraq," Iraqi Major General Muhammad al-Azzawy, of an aerial attack on a clutch of villages in the Latifiya district south of Baghdad on January 10th. Two B1 bombers and four F-16 fighter jets dropped at least 40,000 pounds of explosives on the villages and plantations within a span of 10 minutes.

"They were bombing everything and everybody."

"Apache helicopters later fired at the trucks that were carrying the families out of the area"

Butler "Did Deal" With Queen To Hide Diana Murder Facts

Internet Censorship: US court attacks web freedom; enjoins Wikileaks.org out of existence


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