Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Elvis, Nick adams and the CIA

Elvis Aron Presley (1935 - 1977) was the king of rock and roll.

Some conservatives saw him as 'dangerous', because of his suggestive hip movements and his use of 'Black' music and dance.

In 1956, under the management of Col. Tom Parker, Elvis entered the Billboard Hot 100 chart for the first time with 'Heartbreak Hotel'. In the same year, Elvis starred in his first film, 'Love Me Tender'.

David Bret wrote 'Elvis: The Hollywood Years.'

According to Bret, Elvis had an affair with the young actor Nick Adams, who appeared in the film 'Rebel without a Cause'.

According to Bret, "Elvis' sexual experimentation began with a 'teenage crush' on movie star James Dean that grew into an obsession."

Elvis is said to have seen the film 'Rebel Without a Cause' 44 times.

Col. Tom Parker reportedly "found himself shelling out substantial amounts of hush money to people who wanted to 'out' his star."

Elvis's stepmother was Dee Presley. In her book 'The Intimate Life and Death of Elvis' she says that Elvis had sexual encounters with men and that he had an affair with Nick Adams. (

Judy Spreckels was like a sister to Elvis. She remembers going out with Elvis and his friend Nick Adams." (

On May 1, 1967 Elvis married Priscilla Anne Beaulieu. 'Their wedding night was the first—and only—time they were intimate'. (

In 'Hollywood Gays', author Boze Hadleigh writes that Nick adams may have "hustled while looking for acting jobs in the 1950s." (

There has been speculation that the CIA has used its MKULTRA brainwashing on many celebrities, including Madonna, Curt Cobain, Britney Spears and Elvis. (MKULTRA celebrities, page 1)

When Elvis joined the US army it was being used as a test ground for the MKULTRA project. MKULTRA involved drug related experiments to modify human behaviour for the purpose of subliminal control.

In 1970, Elvis visited President Nixon.

Reportedly, Elvis told Nixon: "I've done an in-depth study of drug abuse and Communist brainwashing techniques."

Reportedly, Elvis believed 'the mind control techniques and his singing abilities could be used to help reshape the patriotic and moral fibre of America's youth.' - - Elvis meets Nixon: a White House memory - August 16, 2002 / YOUR NEW REALITY

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