Friday, February 22, 2008

Conspiring against Lebanon

1. 20 February 2008: "The Syrian daily Al-Watan reports that a Saudi Royal Guard airplane carrying weapons and ammunition landed in Beirut a few days ago.

"The shipment included mortars, machine-guns, rifles, and crowd-dispersal equipment.

"It also reported on the replacement of 600 royal Saudi security agency personnel permanently stationed in Lebanon." - Report: Saudi Arabia Sending Weapons to Lebanon

2. 18 February 2008: "Britain and the United States have urged their citizens in Lebanon to be vigilant, Saudi Arabia has advised against travel to the country while France has shut two cultural centres." - Kuwait embassy threat adds to Lebanon tensions

3. 19 February 2008: "Pro-Syrian opposition figure and former MP Nasser Qandil accused Saudi Arabia of 'conspiring against Lebanon' and supporting an Israeli aggression against the country." - Opposition figure accuses Riyadh of "conspiring" against Lebanon


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