Saturday, February 09, 2008

CIA plot to topple Kenya's leader?


Why might the USA and and its allies want to topple Kenya's president, Mwai Kibaki?

Does the USA believe that Kibaki has become too friendly with the Chinese?

The Chinese defence minister visited Kenya just before the elections and agreed to modernise Kenya's armed forces. (The sound of silence)

China's trade with Kenya is rising.

The Chinese have invested in mining and offshore oil exploration, plus some big infrastructure projects, such as new bypasses around Nairobi. (The sound of silence)

Kenya is the base for US intelligence operations in East Africa and the Horn of Africa. (Kenya: post-election violence continues)

There are newly discovered oil reserves in Eastern Congo. The oil is to be brought by pipeline through Kenya to Mombasa on the coast.

China is currently involved in major highway projects in Kenya." (Kenya: post-election violence continues)

Opposition leader Raila Odinga 'has encouraged his supporters in the Rift Valley to drive out Kikuyu farmers and seize their land... leaflets have come to light calling for ethnic killings. Tribal elders are known to have organised meetings to discuss attacks on their Kikuyu neighbours. Immediately the election result was known, the killings began in many separate areas of the country.' (Kenya: post-election violence continues)


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