Thursday, February 14, 2008


Which is Worse, Democrats or Republicans?

"Turkey used Israeli-manufactured unmanned aircrafts during its cross-border strikes against the separatist Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) in neighbouring northern Iraq that began on December 16.... Turkish and Israeli defence ministry officials have revived talks on purchasing spy satellites developed and constructed by Israel Aerospace Industries." - Israel's Barak in Turkey to discuss defence cooperation

Turkey no platform for Israeli strikes -official

Turkey revives nuclear power plans

MI6 plan 'to kill Balkan leader'

East Timor assassination attempts - 'Reinaldo... was an outlaw whose whereabouts were known by many important people. Why was this freak situation not dealt with ? Is it because Australia backed it?' - Cláudio Francisco /Global Voices: East Timor

"Who fired on Ramos-Horta, found face down shot in the back on the street next to his front door? Because when he got there, Alfredo Reinado was already dead inside his home..." -
Timor Online / Global Voices: East Timor -

Is there a joint US-Australian-Indonesian plot to ...

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