Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Vote Fraud in New Hampshire

It would appear that in New Hampshire the voting machines gave extra votes to people like Clinton and took away votes from people like Obama and Ron Paul.

Opinion polls before the vote showed Obama was going to beat Clinton. Commentators tended to agree.

According to a report in The Guardian "The Clinton campaign confessed after the result was announced that its own private polling showed Obama winning by 11 percentage points, while Obama's campaign had internal polls that showed a 14 point margin between the pair.

"Only 17% of voters made up their mind on the day of the election, and they split fairly equally between the two candidates."


According to an article at Ron Paul War Room, the voting machines appear to have been used to help Hilary.

"Clinton got a 5-point boost from the machines, whereas Obama got a 2-point drop." - Vote Fraud CONFIRMED - Paper vs. Electronic Ballots Ron Paul War ...

The details are contained here:

Switch To Republican Results

Switch To Democrat Results

There had been warnings of vote fraud. Vote fraud expert Bev Harris warned that the New Hampshire’s electronic voting machines were wide open to fraud ( Vote Fraud Expert Warns Of New Hampshire Chicanery)

The polls were clear that Obama was well ahead of Clinton:

"A Zogby poll for Reuters and C-Span on Monday put Obama 10 points ahead of Clinton in New Hampshire - and most commentators said the political winds were blowing in Obama's favour." - Clinton comeback stuns Obama

"Clinton's triumph was unexpected - and unpredicted. Obama drew huge crowds as he swept into the state after winning Iowa." -
Clinton Upsets Obama in NH; McCain Wins World Latest Guardian ...

Final Zogby NH Tracking Poll: Paul in 3-way tie for 3rd

So, who might want to see Hilary Clinton beating Obama? The Israelis and their friends in Washinton apparently prefer Clinton to Obama.

An Israeli newspaper ranked the US Presidential Candidates according to how pro-Israel they are. Hilary Clinton scored 7.375. Obama scored 5.2 - The Israeli Factor: Ranking the US Presidential Candidates

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Obama and Paul poll workers kicked out of some precincts


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