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Peter Hain, Israel and MI5


Peter Hain, Israel and MI5

In the past, UK cabinet minister Peter Hain has appeared to be more sympathetic to the Palestinians than to Israel (Cached )

Is this why he now appears to be being got at? (Q&A: Hain donations row)

Or has Peter Hain always been an agent of MI5, only pretending to be a leftist?

The evidence is limited and conflicting.

Peter Hain's parents were 'anti-apartheid activists in the South African Liberal Party'. They became 'banned persons', briefly jailed, and prevented from working. (Peter Hain - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Peter Hain came to the UK from South Africa as a teenager, and was a noted anti-apartheid campaigner in the 1970s.

In 1976 Young Liberal leader Peter Hain was acquitted of stealing £490 from a branch of Barclays Bank in 1975. (Where are they Now ? Part 342 : Peter Hain - Young Liberal bank robber ). One theory was that he had been framed by South African intelligence agents.

In 1977, Hain became a founder of the Anti-Nazi League and he remains a supporter of Unite Against Fascism

In October 2000 he set up a war avoidance team to carry messages back and forth between himself and the then Minister of Foreign Affairs in Iraq, Tariq Aziz. (Peter Hain - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

In May 2005 Hain was appointed as Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. Although previously a supporter of Irish unity, he has since retreated from this position.

In January 2007, Hain gave an interview to the New Statesman in which he referred to the Bush administration as "the most right-wing American administration, if not ever, then in living memory" and argued that "the neo-con agenda for America has been rejected by the people and I hope that will be the case for the future".[6]

Now we have Shaphan: On Peter Hain (extracts)

"Hain would have become an MI5 stooge around 1975. Which would entail that the Anti-Nazi League was co-founded and co-led ('77-'82) by an MI5 informant, which, if one thinks about it, makes some sense...

"In 1972 someone sent Peter Hain a letter-bomb, which was opened by his sister and which failed to detonate. Hain believed that it was sent by BOSS (South African intelligence). It may have been BOSS, and it may not, and it may have been intended to scare but not explode, but it may not.

"Whatever, when someone like Peter Hain receives a letter-bomb, some plods from Special Branch come calling with advice on security. It's possible, I think, that thereafter all of Hain's family's mail was first checked for devices by SB, who'd then deliver them to him. SB officers are the footsoldiers of MI5. From being PENO in '69, Hain (and his family) may thus have started receiving SB/MI5 protection from '72 onwards.

"Then, in 1974/5(?), Peter Hain was falsely accused and charged with bank robbery from a Barclays in Putney. The case went to the Old Bailey, and he was acquitted in 1976.

"As with the bomb, Hain believed that BOSS was behind it.

"Again, it may have been BOSS, and it may not - if the effect was to push Hain even further towards SB/MI5, then the latter agency may have been involved.

"It could even have been an MI5-BOSS co-production.

"Whatever - if Hain really believed that BOSS was trying to maim and/or destroy him, his dependence upon the British secrurity services would have grown.

If he was also concerned, say, by the influence of the Trotskyists and Stalinists on the British Left, such as in the anti-apartheid movement in which he was active, it would have been an easy step for him to make, from receiving SB/MI5's on-going protection to passing on information about extremists, quid pro quo.

"Hain was also, and still is, a CND member, another group of then interest to MI5. Considering the likely effect on Hain of receiving the letter-bomb, and then being framed for robbery, and given that the Security Service had had him under surveillance for some time before that, is it entirely too outlandish to raise the possibility that MI5, and not BOSS, was behind both the dud letter-bomb and the Barclays frame-up?

"Anyway, I think the bank-robbery experience may have completed his transition from national security threat to potentially valuable asset.

"If that's right, then Hain would have been in MI5's pocket when the Anti-Nazi League was formed in 1977.

"To me this is quite plausible.

"I think it's even possible that the whole ANL (Anti Nazi league) project was started by MI5, for two purposes - it could use surveillance and informants to keep watch of leftist extremists drawn to the ANL, and it could use the ANL and its supporters to quell the growing popularity of the right-wing National Front.

"For MI5, the Anti-Nazi League operation could have been counted a great success.

"Also in 1977, Hain switched from the Liberals to Labour, and in 1991 he was elected an MP.

"By the end of that decade, he was a Foreign Office minister.

"Among other posts, he's been Leader of the Commons and Northern Ireland Secretary.

"At the FCO, he would have been briefed by MI6 and have read secret reports.

"As Commons Leader, he liased closely with the SS on trying to protect parliament from terrorist attacks. In the occupied six counties, he has political responsibility for the workings of PSNI Special Branch, MI5 and MI6....

"Jung called such turnarounds enantiodromias, the going from one extreme to another. I think Hain's extraordinary transformation from public enemy number one to intelligence insider is best explained by the terrorist campaign conducted against him and his family, by unknown intelligence agencies, between 1972 and '75."


It has been reported that Hain is a Jewish name (Cached) but a spokesman for Peter Hain has said that Peter Hain had a Christian upbringing. (While Blair converts to Catholicism, only 8 Ministers say they ...)


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