Friday, January 18, 2008

Israel and Africa

Israel takes a very close interest in Africa.

Much of the following information comes from an article by David Kimche, who reportedly worked for British intelligence and reportedly was once a deputy head of Mossad.

Kimche has revealed much 'information' about Israel's involvement in Africa (David Kimche.)

According to Kimche and others:

The leaders of Kenya's Mau Mau, who fought the British, were given military training in Israel.

Kenya has many Israeli businessmen and a Mossad presence.

In 1998, the US embassy in Nairobi was bombed. WSWS wondered about links to Mossad (Questions mount in Kenya, Tanzania bombings - US government ...) :

"ABC News and the Tel Aviv newspaper Ha'aretz, reported Wednesday that a US informant in Kenya had warned the American government two weeks before the blast that the Nairobi embassy had been targeted for a bomb attack... When American officials checked with Mossad about the reliability of the source, they were advised to treat the report with skepticism. No special security measures were taken at the embassy...

"The Israeli government's dismissal of this advance warning may account for its extraordinary effort to supply bomb experts and rescue teams in the wake of the bombing, for reasons which have not otherwise been explained.

2. Sudan and Darfur: Mossad is active in Southern Sudan.

3. Ethiopia: The Horn of Africa, including Ethiopia in particular, are of strategic importance to Israel. Israel befriended Ethiopia's Mengistu and helped Ethiopia against the Somalis.

4. ZIMBABWE: Israel helped finance the Accra office of Robert Mugabe's National Front group.

Israel had links to Sally, the Ghanaian who became President Mugabe's wife.

5. TANZANIA: Israel's Mossad set up a spy school in Dar es Salaam.

6. GHANA: Around 1959, Israel enjoyed close relations with some of Ghana's leaders.

Israel’s Ambassador to Ghana, Ehud Avriel, became a close confidant of President Kwame Nkrumah.

"Ghana’s National Security and the Political Action and Liaison Department of Mossad have been cooperating successfully, with Mossad’s special branches of Metsada and Lohamah Psichologit...

"Ghana’s head of Military Intelligence Brig Gen R O Sackey had also gone to Israel to train with Aman, the country’s Military Intelligence."

7. GUINEA: Shiomo Hillel, Israel’s first Ambassador to Guinea, became a firm friend of President Sekou Tour├ę

8. MALI: Rafi Ben Shalom advised President Modeiba Keita

9. CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: Ephraim Ben Haim forged close ties with the President.

10. SOUTH AFRICA: Israel had close relations with white South Africa. South Africa has a large Jewish community.

11. ZAIRE CONGO: Israel has tried to keep close ties to Zaire-Congo, partly becuase of diamonds. Israel has trained and armed the military in Zaire. (The Israeli Connection: Who Israel Arms and Why - Google Books Result)

Israel has worked hard to increase its influence in Africa by:

1. Wooing trade union leaders.

2. Organizing courses and training schools for Africans. Setting up the Afro-Asian Institute in Israel.

Helping many Africans who had links to Israel to become Presidents of their countries.

3. Getting Mossad to help African countries to organise their security and intelligence services.

Running courses for African spies.

4. Keeping in close personal contact with African leaders.

5. Arming Africa.


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