Saturday, January 05, 2008



New Spot: "Troops Support Ron Paul"

Ron Paul Hits Huckabee on Taxes

Free alcohol, hangovers, bisexual friends and a girl called Boozie Suzie ... inside the student life of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari

Bishop warns of no-go zones for non-Muslims

Hardline takeover of British mosques

Holiday hotspots: where to go in 2008 : "Even before regime change happens in Washington, the hawks are in flight. That makes the prospect of visiting Iran or Syria, say, much more palatable. In fact, as anyone who has travelled in those countries knows, it's hard to feel safer and less hassled anywhere in the world; and it will take huge increases in visitor numbers to make magical places like Isfahan, Persepolis, Palmyra and Aleppo feel crowded. The destination which has done most to give tourism a good name in the Middle East is undoubtedly Oman (see My Kind of Town)... Laos and Cambodia: Better hotels, easier access - Asia's hottest ticket... Madagascar: Increasingly good selection of boutique hotels...Mozambique: Island-hop in the Quirimbas Archipelago... Panama: The Darwins chose wisely: it's sunny, safe and quiet."


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