Sunday, January 13, 2008

Green Light

Photo of Osama bin Laden's son Omar (

Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In U.S. War On Iraq 1,165,204

"The couple claim they have been assured the visa application will be given the green light" -Bin Laden's son wants British visa - so he and his grandmother bride can live in Cheshire and have a surrogate baby

Hillary Clinton faces recount over rival's 'vote rig' claims

"Votes cast in New Hampshire's Democratic and Republican presidential primaries will undergo a hand recount, after two candidates who garnered little support here questioned the results. The Democratic recount was requested by Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich, who won about 1 percent of the vote in Tuesday's primary." - Concord Monitor

Peter Hain's career hangs by a thread as Tesco is dragged into donations controversy - and his appalled staff mutiny

UK Labour cronies at the Big Lottery Fund are spending £77million on fat-cat salaries and bureaucracy – while cutting donations to good causes. - £77 million: What the Big Lottery Fund SPENDS each year on administration

UK Energy rip-off exposed - Six major companies held confidential meetings to discuss market strategy, stifling competition to raise prices


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