Thursday, January 31, 2008


BALI and AIDS. "Unlike other parts of Indonesia, where brothels are legal, prostitution is illegal on the island. Despite this, there are well known red light districts on the island, most of which are in the main tourist spots. A study carried out in Bali last year by the Kerti Praja Foundation found that there are at least 8,800 prostitutes with some 85,000 customers. "Around 14 percent of prostitutes have already contracted the virus..." - Indonesia: Authorities eye clampdown on prostitution in Bali

"A child is killed by a gun every three hours in America. On average, more than 80 Americans are killed by gunfire every day." -,,1736424,00.html

BBC News has exposed plans of the U.S. military to "provide maximum control" of the Internet, as detailed in a declassified secret Pentagon document signed by the U.S. Secretary of Defense in 2003.

Osama bin Laden's Mujahedin received training from the British SAS in mountains surrounding the Criffel near Dumfries in Scotland.(Sunday Mail, Sept 2001)

Former SAS member, Ken Connor, said that training camps were set up in a remote mountain area in 1983. (BBC News SCOTLAND Scots link to US terror suspect / PEN-L message, SAS trained Mujahedin fighters in Scotland)

Al CIAda destabilising Pakistan? - "Terrorism analyst B Raman said the Pakistani army is fighting a four-front war against jehadis...

"The Pakistan army and Al-Qaida (the loose term encompassing all these groups) are involved in a 'hot war', said Ajai Sahni of the Institute for Conflict Management, 'where the divisions between the two sides are not very clear'." - India worried about Al-Qaida hold on Pak

False Flag Terror news - "Superintendent Brett Lovegrove said Scotland's capital would be an 'extremely attractive' objective for terrorists" - Festival is key terror target

aangirfan: Acts of fake terror to be used to control Scotland's oil?

aangirfan: Fake terror planned for Scotland? Terror team draws up ...

Bird flu and the Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence at the University of St Andrews


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