Monday, January 07, 2008

Algerian students know the truth about the bombs

Photo of Algiers coast by Damien Boilley, August 3, 2005. Source: Flickr.

On 11 December 2007, bombs exploded in Algiers.

A number of students at Ben Aknoun university were killed.

What was the reaction of students at the Ben Aknoun campus?

Students, while taking part in a protest at the University, made it clear that they are very well informed about what is really going on!

When asked by a journalist from El-Watan, the demonstrators 'began by discounting Al-Qaeda's authorship of the attacks.' ( Reactions to the December 11, 2007 Algiers Attacks )

'They should stop babbling on about Al-Qaeda and the GSPC,' said a certain Sara...

She added: 'They (i.e. those who accuse Al-Qaeda and the GSPC) shouldn't be laying this on Islam...'

'It is the U.S. that, at the Pentagon, makes and breaks the world. Who created Al-Qaeda? They're just something that the CIA thought up…' said Hakim.

The newspapers and 'extremist Islamic' websites available to students in Algeria are most likely controlled by the CIA and its friends in French and Israeli intelligence.

So it is good news that these Algerian students have not been taken in by the lies and propaganda of the CIA controlled media.


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