Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What we have been reading about Algeria

"I would like to confirm Russia's determination to expand cooperation with friendly Algeria in the fight against new challenges and threats..." - Putin Condolences To Algeria Over Terror Attacks

"Any Significance of December 11? We will always have the tendency of looking at the date 11 in each month as a potential because of 9/11 in America and 3/11 in Madrid." - Algeria's bombings: al Qaeda strike at French-Algerian rapprochement?

"A terrorist bomb attack targeted on Sunday a bus carrying Russian experts working for Stroi Trans Gas company near Bawaish town west of the Algerian capital, an Algerian security source said." - Attack on bus carrying Russian employees W. Algeria

Bouteflika favours the formation of a Gas OPEC, including Russia, Iran, Qatar, Venezuela, and Algeria. The EU and USA oppose this. In 2006, a memorandum of understanding was signed between Russia's Gazprom and Algeria's Sonatrach. The targets of 'al Qaeda' violence have been mainly poor Moslems plus one Russian. - CIA trying to topple Algeria's Bouteflika?


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