Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Reality?

Psy-0p in Chad?

"In Chad 103 children were kidnapped by French 'aid workers'...

"Not one word is said about those 103 so called 'orphans' as victims in a CIA/Mossad/French black operation...

"The judge, like many, was asking: Why, when none of them was injured, the children were bandaged and caked in fake blood ahead of their flight?

The judge could also have asked ... why children - kidnapped from their own parents - are supposed to be presented in the major MSM propaganda channels as 'poor orphans from Darfur, which have to be saved'?

"The reality? The Chinese have to be forced out of the profitable places in Africa too, at whatever price to human beings, and that's because the US/UK multinationals want in. - CIA BLOWBACK: JAIL & FORCED LABOR FOR FRENCH KIDNAPPERS

"As Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw often visited Tehran, but the deals he struck with the fascist Mullahs left an indelible stain on Britain's character. Straw admitted he placed the PMOI on the UK terror list at the direct request of the mullahs, who greatly fear the ability of this popular opposition movement to topple their odious regime." - Why UK has been shamed by Iranian fiasco

aangirfan: 'The overthrow of the Shah of Iran by the CIA and MI6'

Clash of civilisations - manipulation by the media - Looking Glass ...

Over 120 feared dead in Indonesia landslides, floods

Evidence of climate change?

Secret agreement may free convicted Pan Am 103 bomber

Shame of Scotland's child drunks


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