Saturday, December 01, 2007

Parallel Universes

Imagine that you throw the dice and, amazingly, get three sixes three times in a row.

It happened to me once, in Hampstead, when I was in a happy, relaxed and benevolent mood. I was going with the flow. I did not care whether I got three sixes or not.

Someone wrote: "I’d play the word game called Scrabble with my daughter, who’s usually very skillful at these things. I found I didn’t care whether I won or lost. I simply enjoyed the game. At that time, my daughter was always desperate to win. I’m usually hopeless, but I started to win repeatedly. It was like magic." - (67. DESTABILISATION)

If there are lots of parallel universes, the one that we inhabit, at any given time, may depend on our mood.

Jim Al-Khalili, professor of physics at the University of Surrey, writes in The Guardian " In a parallel universe, this theory would make sense "

"One such interpretation as to how subatomic particles can do more than one thing at once is for there to be more than one universe...

"The basic idea is as follows: whenever a quantum particle is faced with a choice of alternatives (as happens everywhere all the time), it doesn't choose one but rather all. It is only when we look that we force the little blighter to make up its mind...

"But in the many-worlds version the particle never makes up its mind.

"Instead, it, and the universe along with it, splits into multiple versions of itself equal to the number of options available.

"When we look at the particle, the universes separate into non-interacting independent realities.

"We see one version, but our identical counterparts see another."

"Oxford physicist David Deutsch... proposed a variation on Everett's idea in which all possible universes already exist within a quantum multiverse.

"What we perceive as our reality is just a weaving through this vast shadowy multiple reality, creating our own version of events."
In a parallel universe, this theory would make sense


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I think this is an excellent subject, you touch upon subjects that are rarely thought of. Pus throw insight into why I never seem to find an answer, to some of my toughest questions. Thank you, keep blogging

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