Thursday, December 13, 2007

ARROW AIR Flight 1285 - GANDER 1985

On 14 February 1998, Charles M. Byers, President of Accuracy Systems Ordinance Corp., wrote to the Chairman of the US House Intelligence Oversight Committee.

Byers explains that an Accuracy Systems product was apparently used to destroy Arrow Air Charter DC 8 flight MF 1285R, immediately after it took off from Gander in Canada in December 1985.

Byers writes that his firm 'designed and manufactured the responsible device exclusively for, and sold it only to, the Central Intelligence Agency'.

Byers' sources have told him that a US special operations unit, possibly under the direction of Lt. Col. Oliver North, had been supposed to detonate a small nuclear backpack bomb in Iraq and make it look like an Iraqi nuclear accident.

This special operations unit had discovered that they would not have the chance to outrun the blast and would be killed. They decided to return to the USA rather than carry out their mission.

Byers claims that the special operations unit, with their nuclear backpack bomb, boarded the Arrow Air Charter DC 8 flight MF 1285R at the last minute in Cairo.

According to Byers, orders were given by U S Government personnel that this plane be destroyed before it reached the United States of America. According to Byers, a bomb was planted during a stop at Gander and remotely detonated shortly after the landing gear retracted upon takeoff.

Byers writes that, 'within hours of the crash, U S Army General John Crosby arrived with a Broken Arrow Nuclear Disaster Team, and, without conducting any normal investigation, ordered the area bulldozed over with 6 feet of soil.'

The crash of Arrow Air Charter DC 8 flight MF 1285R was the worst military aviation disaster in history, killing all 248 passengers, members of the 101st Airborne, plus 8 crew.


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