Sunday, December 23, 2007

Big Bonuses

Britain's former top policeman Lord Stevens is known as "Captain Beaujolais" - Exposed: The Diana inquiry cop who was on £1,000 a day

Lord Carlile is the UK Government-appointed reviewer of anti-terrorism laws. A few months ago it was revealed that Carlile had abandoned his wife and taken up with Alison Levitt, a married colleague 15 years his junior. When Carlile confessed, he admitted to an earlier illicit relationship lasting "several years". - Mandrake

BRITAIN’S former anti-terror chief, Andy hayman, made and sent 400 calls and texts to a female member of the police watchdog investigating him. Reportedly, Hayman, a married father of two, was communicating with the woman while the Independent Police Complaints Commission was working on its report into the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes in July 2005. The report found Mr Hayman’s actions “led to inaccurate or misleading information being released” by the police regarding the Brazilian shot dead at Stockwell Tube station in south London by officers who wrongly thought he was a terrorist. - TERROR CHIEF QUITS OVER 400 SECRET TEXTS AND CALLS

"Mr Applegarth, who earned a total package of £1.4million last year, has left the company with a pension pot worth £2.2million." - How married Northern Rock chief had an affair with a junior employee as the bank headed for disaster

It's been a bad year for most banks. But some of the bank bosses are going to get big bonuses. "Bonus checks are up an average 14 percent this year. Four of the biggest U.S. Investment banks – Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns – will dole out an estimated $30 billion in bonuses... Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein is reportedly looking at a bonus of about $70 million." - Despite Tough Year, Wall Street Sees 14 Percent Bonus Increase

Lord Coe is believed to have made £2.7million from shares in the Complete Leisure Group, which was set up just 16 days after the successful London Olympic bid. - Lord Coe accused of 'cleaning up' over Olympics

Sarkozy's new Mistress - Carla Bruni - Amazing Pictures !!!

New power to seize passports

A child disappears every five minutes in the UK - Britain’s disappeared

Wheat , corn, soya prices at record levels - demand exceeds world supply, fertiliser, farm and fuel costs rise - food costs jump and inflation follows

Oops! American missile to replace Trident is too big for Britain’s nuclear submarines

Nudibranchs of the week

Branson gets £24m for running late trains

Juval Aviv book to blame US secret service for Loc...

Iran's new friendship with Saudi Arabia, the Gulf ...

Mike Huckabee and gifts


Most Americans are ignorant about religion

Salt Lake City, Mormons, Sex.


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