Wednesday, December 12, 2007


On 11 December 2007, the BBC's Mark Urban claimed there was Fragile success for US Iraq surge

However, on 12 December 2007, the city of Amarah in Iraq was rocked by three car bombs in quick succession killing at least 39 people and injuring more than 100. - Iraq's Amarah City Rocked By Three Car Bombs, 39 Feared Killed []

The Zionist BBC? - "Analyse the reports of Newsnight's Mark Urban, for whom 'balance' means giving Israeli politicians and generals the opportunity to excuse the levelling of Palestinian homes as a 'breakdown in communication' between army and government. Or look at the coverage of Israel's attack last month on a Syrian radar installation, which occasioned a formal complaint by an Arab friend because a BBC news report failed to counter the two Israeli voices with even one Syrian." Guardian Unlimited Archive Search

The Shocking Regime of China

Gang of traffickers may have taken boy. Tuan Nguyen, 14, who was taken into care after police found him in a cannabis farm in Swinton, Manchester in June, went missing from his Salford care home in September. - Gang of traffickers may have taken boy



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