Thursday, December 06, 2007

Almost without notice

Bloggers can write about most things. But bloggers come under attack from the-powers-that-be if they criticise Zionism.

Xymphora writes: "Naqniq has been suspended by WordPress for the mysterious 'violation of our Terms of Service'. Since all it did was accumulate material from other sources, almost entirely ‘mainstream’, and allow the cumulative effect of the facts to damn Zionism and its apologists, the only conceivable problem, besides some inflammatory titles, is that it was becoming too successful in its mission. It would be nice if some WordPress bloggers decided to ‘suspend’ WordPress for this egregious breach of the basic ethos of the internet."- permanent link

"Almost without notice, Arabs have now obtained effective control of America’s largest bank, Citigroup ...The deal was arranged by Robert Rubin...
"Isn’t it wonderful how the Arabs and Jews can live in peace and harmony when huge sums of money are involved?"- permanent link


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