Tuesday, November 06, 2007

US military links to al Qaeda?

What links al Qaeda, the US military and West Papua in Indonesia?

"Reportedly, Laskar Jihad was set up by the American-trained Indonesian military; and reportedly Laskar Jihad has links to al Qaeda. From 1986-89 the US ambassador to Indonesia was Paul Wolfowitz."

"Henry Kissinger is a Director Emeritus and consultant to Freeport/Rio Tinto which operates the largest copper and gold mining enterprise in the world in West Papua. British Petroleum (BP) has begun to operate in West Papua where it plans to extract and export gas."

"The mainstream media should expose the genocide in West Papua. But they won't, because the USA wants to keep in with the Indonesian military. We hear about Burma and Darfur but not about West Papua. The worst genocides are usually carried out by friends of the Pentagon (eg. East Timor). Laskar Jihad (linked to al Qaeda) was set up by the American-trained Indonesian military to do its dirty work."

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