Monday, November 12, 2007


"Several senior active and retired miltary officers told the FT that the Pentagon believes striking Iran at this point would be a strategic mistake, as even a limited air strike could spark a broader conflict." - US strike on Iran ‘not being prepared’

"Too many new media companies are chasing too few advertising dollars, one of the advertising industry’s most senior executives has warned, as fresh questions were raised about the fast-rising valuations of prominent online groups." Publicis chief warns on internet ad revenues

BIRTH ORDER: "A group of Norwegian researchers released a study showing that firstborns are generally smarter than any siblings who come along later, enjoying on average a three-point IQ advantage over the next eldest—probably a result of the intellectual boost that comes from mentoring younger siblings and helping them in day-to-day tasks.

"Younger siblings, by contrast, are looser cannons, less educated and less strapping, perhaps, but statistically likelier to live the exhilarating life of an artist or a comedian, an adventurer, entrepreneur, GI or firefighter.

"middle children get shortchanged even on family resources. - The Power of Birth Order


Moslem Success Story: "Much as Singapore has done in Southeast Asia, Tunisia has succeeded by galvanizing the raw potential of its people... On Oct. 31, in a Global Competitiveness Report that compares 125 countries, the World Bank and the World Economic Forum ranked Tunisia as having by far the best prospects for growth in Africa, and it ranked third in the Arab world after energy-rich Kuwait and Qatar... about 80% of Tunisians own their homes — ahead of much of Europe. While African countries struggle to educate their children, school is compulsory — and free — in Tunisia up to age 16. About 34% of Tunisian high school graduates go to university." - Tunisia: The Price of Prosperity

"Chimps happily help out unrelated chimps and unfamiliar humans, even if it means exerting themselves for no reward, a new study shows." - 'Altruistic' chimps act for the benefit of others - life - 25 June ...


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