Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Scotland's CRIMINAL justice system; Hutchesons' Grammar School yobs walk free

Thomas Hutcheson

Hutchesons' Grammar School, in Glasgow, was founded in the 17th century by George and Thomas Hutcheson to teach orphans.

Hutchesons' Grammar School is now a private school. It educated Derry Irvine.

And now it seems to select yobs as some of its pupils.

A gang of five pupils from Hutchesons tried to gatecrash a party and left two men and a boy needing hospital treatment.
The injured 14 year old boy had his face cut with a bottle.

One yob was brandishing a chain during the attack.

What happened to the yobs? Did they go to jail?
Four of them were each ordered to carry out 200 hours' community service.

One was given a 12-month deferred sentence.

So the reputation of Hutchesons' Grammar School may have gone down the plughole.

And the reputation of Scottish justice is again in tatters?


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