Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Video - Pakistan

Kenyan police implicated in 500 execution-style deaths


"The (Asia Pacific Wealth Report 2007) ... estimated that in 2006 approximately 19,000 HNWIs of Indonesian origin resided in Singapore and held approximately US$93 billion in financial wealth.' In other words, close to 30% of the high net worth wealth here belongs to Indonesians." - Typical Millionaire (in Singapore)

"Business as usual - Viscount Linley, who celebrates his 46th birthday this weekend, had the capital's social lionesses worried. The Queen's nephew is usually the first member of the Royal Family to hold a Christmas party, but this year his chums have been telling me that they haven't received their invitations. They need not fret. I am happy to report that the gregarious son of the late Princess Margaret hasn't decided to cut costs by cancelling his party this year. David will be hosting the soiree at his furniture shop in Belgravia on November 20. Good for him." - Channel 4 is in the dock for wining and dining a conman

"Ken (Livingston) , like me (George Galloway), was expelled by New Labour, and, like me, went on to give them a bloody good hiding at the polls. But he went back and became Blair's Mayor. First Tony's, now Sir Ian's. That's why I am now giving serious consideration to the many calls for me to enter the race against him in May, to be Mayor of the greatest city in the world." - Fire Brigade Heroes Deserve Our Support

News from Erewhon: THE head of the security service has revealed a dramatic rise in the number of young Moslems ready to be recruited as patsies in government plots.

Fresh DNA hope in Madeleine McCann case


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