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Racist Fascist Australia?

"Australian authorities dropped terrorism charges against a Sydney medical student on Monday, with a judge condemning police and intelligence agents for 'grossly improper' behaviour in the case.

"New South Wales Supreme Court judge Michael Adams said officers from the secretive Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) had kidnapped and falsely imprisoned Ul-Haque during their investigations...

"'From the beginning, this was no more than a show trial designed to justify the billions of dollars spent on counter-terrorism,' lawyer Adam Houda told reporters. 'It has been one bungled prosecution after another.'" - Australian judge slams handling of terrorism case


"According to the authorities, 15-year-old orphaned Aboriginal boy 'Johnno' Warramarrba was found in his cell, hanged by a bed sheet on February 9, 2001. He had been taken from his remote community in the Northern Territory and imprisoned 800 kilometres away in Darwin-for stealing property worth less than $90.

"By the official account, he killed himself just five days before he was due to be released from the Don Dale Correctional Centre. An officer had sent him to his room for refusing to wash up, and he was found unconscious five minutes later. Attempts to revive him failed and he died nine hours later at Darwin Hospital." - Mandatory Sentencing - Law & Justice - Aboriginal Culture


Hamish McDonald in the Sydney Morning Herald 14 March 2002 revealed Australia's bloody East Timor secret:

Spy intercepts confirmed the Government knew of Jakarta's hand in the massacres. The Australian Government sat on explosive intelligence material which showed the direct involvement of senior Indonesian army generals in the violence which swept East Timor in 1999. - http://www.etan.org/et2002a/march/10-16/14spy.htm)

According to an article at WSWS, former high-ranking Army intelligence expert, Lieutenant Colonel Lance Collins was told by Australian Defence Force Chief General John Baker in 1998 not to worry about the looming events in Timor “because we have a plan with the Indonesians to keep everybody else out of East Timor”. ( http://www.wsws.org/articles/2004/apr2004/spy-a28.shtml)

Under the 1989 Timor Gap Treaty, Australia had acquired the lion’s share of the vast offshore Timor Sea oil and gas fields, as a reward for being the only country in the world to formally recognise the Indonesian annexation of East Timor.

Australia had supported Suharto. But when Suharto had falled from power, Howard and Foreign Minister Alexander Downer decided East Timor should have a UN autonomy ballot.

Despite feigning concern for the plight of the population, "Howard and Downer calculated that post-poll atrocities would provide the pretext to dispatch troops to Timor with the overriding purpose of retaining control over the Timor Sea oil and gas projects against Australia’s rivals." (Australian government faces new charges of manipulating intelligence)

Collins has received support from the mother of Mervyn Jenkins.

Jenkins was an Australian military intelligence attaché in Washington, who died 'in mysterious circumstances' in June 1999. Reportedly Jenkins knew too much about what was going on in East Timor.

The 2001 election campaign:

"Facing almost certain defeat at that election, because of popular opposition to his free-market agenda, Howard resorted to lies and dirty tricks to crawl back into office. Leading government figures prevailed upon the army, navy, air force and SAS, as well as the military and civilian intelligence agencies and senior public servants, to line up behind a campaign of slanders against asylum seekers and whip up fears of terrorism in the wake of the September 11 attacks in the United States. (Australian government faces new charges of manipulating intelligence)

"The Chief of the Defence Forces, Admiral Barrie and other senior naval commanders were required to back the government’s false claims that refugees had thrown their children overboard in an attempt to force authorities to allow them into Australia. Only after the election was it revealed that navy photographs were doctored and misleadingly labelled and that so-called intelligence material on the incident compiled by the Office of National Assessments (ONA) was based on nothing but media reports, which had been generated by the government’s own lies.

"At a later parliamentary inquiry, Admiral Barrie was forced to retract his initial testimony after being humiliatingly contradicted by subordinates. It turned out that dozens of government and military personnel knew, within days of the incident, that children were not thrown off the boat. A former Admiral accused the government of a Goebbels-style Big Lie campaign, while other senior military figures accused Howard of misusing the navy for political purposes, destroying its credibility and creating profound mistrust within its ranks."

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