Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Organ trafficking by French?

A top official in Sudan’s main ruling National Congress Party has said that a French charity’s attempt to fly out more than 100 African children was perhaps a cover for organ trafficking. - Sudan fears organ trafficking plot

"The question is why these children were being taken to the West? Perhaps to provide organs such as hearts and kidneys to elderly patients," Nafie Ali Nafie, number two in the NCP, told a news conference.

"Other than that, the affair underscores a decline in moral values of those who falsely pretend to defend human rights," added the vice president of the NCP.

"I cannot believe France did not know," said Nafie.

Six French members of charity Zoe’s Ark and four Sudanese officials are being held in Chad, pending an investigation into alleged child abduction that has been vigorously denounced by Sudan.

Zoe’s Ark says the children were orphans from Sudan’s war-torn Darfur who it planned to place in foster care with families in Europe.

Chad says the group did not have permission to take the children out of the country, and aid agencies have since said most are Chadian with at least one living parent.


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