Monday, November 12, 2007

Michael Mukasey - America's Attorney General

Reportedly, some people see Michael Mukasey as being a Jewish supremacist, an advocate of torture and someone who has helped to cover-up the truth about 9 11.

Mukasey has become America's Attorney General.

What allowed Mukasey to become Attorney General was the support of two Jewish Democratic senators Charles Schumer and Diane Feinstein.

"Mukasey refused to denounce torture as a means of persuading enemy combatants to comply, which means that it may well become a means of persuading American citizens to comply some day.

"Mukasey has been one of Bush's terror judges, helping the administration to prop up its policy against Islamofascism.

"Mukasey has loyally supported the undermining of civil liberties and constitutional restraints on the unitary executive.

"In short, Mukasey is a neocon thug.

"Schumer and Feinstein represent New York and California Jewish Zionist power brokers, and Mukasey is a Jewish Zionist of the same sort as Joe Lieberman and Michael Chertoff.

"The Global War and the Homeland State are two sides of the same Anglo-Judeo Global Cabal, waged against Arabs and Persians for the greater glory of oil and Israel. Not to see this reality is to call blindness a virtue."


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