Thursday, November 22, 2007


BEWARE: Priests Are Singing Love, Again!

"Amrozi opened a business with other prisoners selling vouchers for mobile phones, and had easy access to phones, along with a laptop provided by a guard." - Sydney Morning Herald:

Bali bombers attend party with Indonesian general

It was reported in the Jakarta Post that convicted Bali bomber Ali Imron had been seen, in 2004, having a Starbucks coffee in a plush Jakarta shopping mall in the company of top police official Brig. Gen. Gorries Mere. Imron apparently also visited the Hard Rock Cafe. After Amrozi had been arrested for his part in the Bali Bomb, National Police chief Gen. Da'i Bachtiar had a face to face meeting with him. Bachtiar laughed, shook hands and posed for photographs with Amrozi. - aangirfan: THE BALI BOMB AND THE MILITARY

aangirfan: Bali Bomb - inside job.

Israelis behind Danish cartoons

Law chiefs see no case for longer detention of terrorist suspects


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