Friday, November 16, 2007

Malcolm Rennie....

Photo of Malcolm Rennie, murdered journalist, from:

"There is the $2,500 item on a trip to a hotel in Casablanca that reads: 'Girls: party night 5'". - The £3m spree that landed a Saudi prince in a London court

"Last week's news of the extraordinary collapse in public knowledge of geography:

"According to the British Council, British schoolchildren now come bottom in the international awareness of 10 countries surveyed, beaten by America, India and Nigeria. English children do even worse than Scottish and Welsh ones.

"A separate National Geographic report found a third of UK respondents thought Mount Everest was in Europe." - The assault on geography breeds ignorance and erodes nationhood

"It's widely believed that Bush's defence secretary, Robert Gates, would quit rather than attack Iran." - Jonathan Freedland: In Iran lies the big test of Brown's political agility


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