Friday, November 30, 2007

Making a laughing stock of fundamentalist Islam

Belief in the teachings of some of the Christian churches took a knock as a result of the slaughter by Christians of Christians in World war I. Some saw it as ungodly when certain Christian leaders supported the imperialists and militarists.

Surely fundamentalist Islam cannot survive much longer when its leaders behave in such an un-godly fashion.

Surely it is the leaders of Sudan who have insulted the Moslem religion.

According to the Daily Mirror (Outrage as teacher jailed over teddy row) :

The 'rat-infested' Omdurman prison 'was designed for 50 women but now houses more than 1,000 plus 400 children, most under the age of two.

'Between four and six children die each month from malnutrition.

'The women struggle to sleep crammed 30 to a cell in temperatures which can reach a searing 120F.

'Inmates also regularly go on hunger strike in protest at the disgusting food served by warders.
Brutal warders use techniques including solitary confinement, sleep deprivation, whipping with a hose and branding with an iron.

'There have even been reports of women being shackled and then raped by security officials.',com_contact/ampItemid,3/

Adel Darwish, the political editor of The Middle East magazine, says that Muslim children - "like children everywhere" - give their pets the names of characters they liked, be it a religious figure, sports hero or pop singer.

"Millions of Muslim children in Muslim nations give their dolls, pets and teddies Muslim names of the Prophet and his mother, daughters and wives."
- What can't be named Muhammad?

From: Sudan Government Makes 'Laughing Stock' of Islam

"One British Muslim who had been abducted and tortured by Sudanese security who threw him into prison without charges nor trial, in order to remove his business by competitors, witnessed the torture of Muslim students who had come to study Islam from other countries, but who had been victimised by corrupt lecturers at the islamist African University in Khartoum."


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