Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Mad Moslems wrecking the image of islam? - Teacher charged over teddy row
"Gibbons ... asked the students to pick names for the bear and in the end, they voted to name it Muhammad, school officials say. So, according to this stupidity, shouldn’t the students also be punished?
"What about all Muslims who have the first name of 'Muhammad'?
"What about the clerics of the mosques the students and their parents attend for not teaching the children that they were insulting Islam?" - More From the Religion of Peace

'Israel wanted to destroy Pak nukes'

"Global warming is partly to blame for flooding in Jakarta that has forced thousands of evacuations and cut off a highway to the international airport, Indonesia's environment minister said Tuesday.

"Authorities pumped out some of the water, which was 23 feet (7 meters) deep in the worst hit areas and washed more than a mile (1.6 kilometers) inland Monday, said Iskandar, an official at Jakarta's flood crisis center. At least 2,200 houses were inundated, some with chest-deep water." - Rising Sea Disrupts Flights in Indonesia

Jon Mendelsohn is one of the UK Prime Minister's right hand men. Mendelsohn is a former chair of Labour Friends of Israel. The Jewish Chronicle listed Mendelsohn as the 28th most influential person in 'British Jewry'. The paper wrote: 'At ease in the corridors of power, Mendelsohn has the contacts and know-how to advance Israel's case in his Labour Friends of Israel role.' 'Ethical lobbyist' caught up in donations row

Reportedly, Mendelsohn has known for weeks about the falsely-declared donations given by David Abrahams. Sleaze scandal: Brown's chief fundraiser knew of illegal donations

Labouring for Israel

David Abrahams(AKA David Martin ), Jon Mendelsohn, Gordon Brown and the "Labour Friends of Israel" - jacta alea est

Pre-history of Jewish control in Washington - permanent link

Deadly bomb attacks in Sri Lanka


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