Saturday, November 24, 2007

Inordinate Amounts

Andy Hayman is Britain's anti-terrorism chief. He was criticised for misleading the public over the de Menezes shooting.

"Hayman has been asked to explain at least £15,000 expenses that included claims for 'inordinate amounts' of drinking with colleagues.
"'Apart from the money, what happens if they are all out drinking when a bomb goes off?' said one Met official.
"The married father of two has been quizzed about his relationship with Sergeant Heidi Tubby, his former staff officer. Tubby is said to have accompanied him on foreign business trips at public expense." - Terror chief grilled over trips with woman sergeant

"Mr Ruddick's total contributions to Labour are listed as £196,000. But standing outside the semi he bought for just £12,000 and wearing a paint-splattered fleece top, the 55-year-old initially told The Mail on Sunday he had no recollection of ever giving to the party.
"Mr Ruddick works closely with David Abrahams, a wealthy property developer who is a prominent figure in the North East Labour Party." - How big Labour backer is a jobbing builder who knows NOTHING about his £200,000 donation

"A MAN who looks like Robert Murat tried to climb into the apartment where Madeleine McCann went missing at a time when another child was alone inside, it was claimed last night.
A new witness, who worked as a nanny at the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz, has given a sworn statement about the incident to detectives in the UK and Spain."-

"A NUCLEAR attack by terrorists causing widespread panic, chaos and death is inevitable and will happen soon, a senior Scottish police officer has warned." - Top police officer warns that nuclear attack is inevitable

Comments from readers of the Sunday Herald:

"All the more reason to vote for the SNP and get Trident out of the Clyde." - Jimbo

"From 1945 on...there were more than 528 atmospheric tests and more underground tests. Man-made radiation is still floating around up there and continues to pollute our DNA." - Dennis F. Nester, Phoenix, Arizona USA

"You **** across the pond better wake up and smell the the absolute bullshit your government is shoveling. Our 9-11 attack was completely orchestrated by Mossad/CIA and possibly elements within MI6. If any nuclear device is detonated in the West you can be 100% certain your own govt. did it to declare martial Law!" - Raoul Duke

"Sir Clive Whitmore, the Ministry of Defence's top civil servant at the time of the monster and totally corrupt al-Yamamah arms deal with Saudi Arabia, shares his Directorship of NM Rothschild with the Old Harrovian Charles Guthrie." - Lord Guthrie supporting the Military Industrial complex ... and Israel


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