Friday, November 30, 2007

In October 2007, Brown threatens further sanctions against Sudan; In November, Sudan gets revenge.

Photo of Minni Arcua Minnawi, the leader of the largest faction of the Sudanese Liberation Army, a loose association of rebel groups who have fought against the Janjaweed militiamen and Sudanese government forces in the Darfur conflict.


On 29 October 2007, Gordon Brown threatened further sanctions against Sudan.

This was after the collapse of talks on Darfur. ( Gordon Brown calls for tough stand on Darfur - Telegraph)

An article in The Guardian ( Comment: Soumaya Ghannoushi ) helps to explain the Sudan Teddy Bear situation:

"Last month, Gordon Brown threatened further sanctions against Sudan following a peace conference hosted by Libya with the objective of ending conflict in the Darfur region...

"The teddy bear affair seems to have been the Sudanese government's revenge against London."


Ahmad Hussein As-shimi wrote:

"Israeli/American interest and plans interlink in Darfur, to establish an independent State in western Sudan, under the leadership of the Az-Ghawi tribe that leads the insurgency in the province, besides establishing a technologically advanced military base under common American-British-Israeli observance, the purpose of which is to control security status, and political interactions in Egypt, Sudan, Libya, African states and the Red Sea.

"It also aims at protecting the oil pipeline that the U.S. is conducting negotiations to build, which shall be extending from Iraq, the Gulf States, to the Red Sea then to the Darfur province through Libya and Morocco to the Atlantic Ocean." -
Israel in Darfur and Arab National Security


Rory Carroll, in The Guardian, 28 March 2006, wrote about China's move into Africa,,1741082,00.html

"After western firms pulled out of Sudan over its human rights abuses and terrorist links, the Chinese National Petroleum Corporation helped build a 1,500km oil pipeline as well as bridges, roads and factories.

"The United Nations security council threatened sanctions against Sudan over massacres in Darfur, only to be vetoed by Beijing. When America balked at supplying Nigeria's trigger-happy military, China offered dozens of patrol boats."


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