Thursday, November 08, 2007


Manchester, England

"In Greater Manchester there are seven gun-related incidents every day - the number of firearms deaths is only higher in London

"One in 14 girls aged between 15 and 17 becomes pregnant in Manchester - almost double the rate across England

"In 2004/5 Greater Manchester had the highest number of children under 15 (238) admitted to hospital for alcohol-related problems

"In 2005/6 809 per 100,000 of Manchester's male population were admitted to hospital because of alcohol-specific conditions - more than double the national rate of 340 per 100,000

"In 2006, 22% of Manchester's working-age population were out of work and on benefits, higher than the national rate of 14.6%" -

Manchester people 'left behind'

Fascist New Zealand? "A Wellington woman arrested in last month's police raids and potentially facing charges under the Terrorism Suppression Act...Valerie Morse, 36, is a well-known figure in Wellington activist and peace movement circles... Morse published a book entitled Against Freedom: The war on terrorism in everyday New Zealand life. The book's publisher, Rebel Press, said the book looks at anti-terror legislation passed in New Zealand since 2001, and of the implications for activists – particularly those involved in anti-war, environmental and Tino Rangatiratanga movements – as well as migrants and refugees. The book also examines the rise of State surveillance by the Security Intelligence Service (SIS) and the media's role in reporting on the "war on terror" in the Pacific and further abroad." Terror suspect published terrorism book


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