Thursday, November 15, 2007


"Anyone wanting to reach foreign readers can simply download a piece of software from and add it to their blog or website." - Bloggers can reach the world

"Michael Chertoff is a Bolshevik Jew who has taken over the police apparatus of our country... Bolshevik Jews deal in mass murder, murder in the millions. Remember the Soviet Union, 'Uncle Joe' Stalin and his slaughter of up to 50 million? Big time gulags. Famine. A bullet in the neck with your hands wired behind you. Mass graves. And don't forget what our own wonderful boys, executing the Morgenthau Plan, did to over a million German PoWs in the months after the 1945 surrender: They starved them to death. Then they starved many millions of German civilians to death over the next several years until Jim Forrestal stopped it. For that and other offenses to Zion, he was thrown from a high window in 1949." - Force And Fraud

Scottish Budget: A freeze on council tax, and an agreed concordat which will see councils given more freedom to spend their money as they wish.
A cut in business rates for 150,000 small firms, with some seeing their rates scrapped altogether over time. - SNP’s Budget balancing act


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