Saturday, November 24, 2007

Australian elections - exit poll shows Howard loses seat

Photo of Kevin Rudd Psephos: Adam Carr's Electoral Archive.

A major exit poll "has predicted Kevin Rudd will be the next prime minister of Australia and that John Howard will lose his seat of Bennelong. The Sky News exit poll taken in 31 key seats predicts a two-party preferred result of 53 per cent to Labor to 47 per cent to the Coalition. The poll predicts Mr Howard's seat of Bennelong will fall to Labor." - Exit poll: Labor wins, Howard loses seat

Electors choose candidates for all 150 seats in the lower House of Representatives and 40 of the 76 seats in the upper house, the Senate.

John Howard leads the conservative Liberal-National party coalition. He came to power in 1996.

Kevin Rudd leads the Australian Labour Party. He served as a diplomat in Sweden and China. He is a committed Christian but was caught in a lap dance scandal (Labor leader caught in lap-dance club scandal - but does Australia ...)

Mr Rudd has promised a phased withdrawal of troops from Iraq

Rudd says he is an "economic conservative" like Mr Howard.

Rudd and Howard both oppose same-sex marriage.

Howard refused to sign the Kyoto agreement. Some parts of Australia are already experiencing record drought conditions.


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