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Omid Djalili

MI6 - Dearlove

Douglas and Wendy Alexander

Douglas Alexander, a minister in Gordon Brown's UK Labour government, is the brother of Wendy Alexander, leader of the Labour Party in Scotland.

Gordon Brown says Douglas Alexander will be his General Election coordinator.

Both Douglas and Wendy have recently been in trouble.

According to The Telegraph, 24 October 2007, "Douglas Alexander faced calls to resign as Gordon Brown's general election chief after an independent inquiry found that his 'self-interested' moves to change electoral rules in Labour's favour led to the debacle that saw nearly 150,000 votes wasted in the Scottish elections this year.

"An independent investigation of the elections to Holyrood and to Scottish councils found that a series of partisan decisions made by Mr Alexander resulted in widespread voter confusion." - Douglas Alexander in dock over election fiasco - Telegraph

David Abraham's ' multimillion-pound business park development at Bowburn in County Durham, in the UK, was blocked by the Highways Agency. This was because of a ban on further development beside the congested A1 road.

David Abrahams has given money to the UK Labour Party.In October 2006, the Highways Agency lifted the ban on the business park development - and a separate one near Newton Aycliffe further south.The transport secretary at the time was Douglas Alexander. - Profile: David Abrahams

"A Channel Islands businessman Paul Green has made a second illegal donation to the Labour Party. His contribution to Wendy Alexander's Leadership campaign brought a public apology from her after she admitted his cheque broke strict donation rules.

"Meanwhile, First Minister Alex Salmond said the police might have to investigate the affair." Police may have to probe illegal Wendy Alexander donation


In October 2007, Brown threatens further sanctions against Sudan; In November, Sudan gets revenge.

Photo of Minni Arcua Minnawi, the leader of the largest faction of the Sudanese Liberation Army, a loose association of rebel groups who have fought against the Janjaweed militiamen and Sudanese government forces in the Darfur conflict.


On 29 October 2007, Gordon Brown threatened further sanctions against Sudan.

This was after the collapse of talks on Darfur. ( Gordon Brown calls for tough stand on Darfur - Telegraph)

An article in The Guardian ( Comment: Soumaya Ghannoushi ) helps to explain the Sudan Teddy Bear situation:

"Last month, Gordon Brown threatened further sanctions against Sudan following a peace conference hosted by Libya with the objective of ending conflict in the Darfur region...

"The teddy bear affair seems to have been the Sudanese government's revenge against London."


Ahmad Hussein As-shimi wrote:

"Israeli/American interest and plans interlink in Darfur, to establish an independent State in western Sudan, under the leadership of the Az-Ghawi tribe that leads the insurgency in the province, besides establishing a technologically advanced military base under common American-British-Israeli observance, the purpose of which is to control security status, and political interactions in Egypt, Sudan, Libya, African states and the Red Sea.

"It also aims at protecting the oil pipeline that the U.S. is conducting negotiations to build, which shall be extending from Iraq, the Gulf States, to the Red Sea then to the Darfur province through Libya and Morocco to the Atlantic Ocean." -
Israel in Darfur and Arab National Security


Rory Carroll, in The Guardian, 28 March 2006, wrote about China's move into Africa,,1741082,00.html

"After western firms pulled out of Sudan over its human rights abuses and terrorist links, the Chinese National Petroleum Corporation helped build a 1,500km oil pipeline as well as bridges, roads and factories.

"The United Nations security council threatened sanctions against Sudan over massacres in Darfur, only to be vetoed by Beijing. When America balked at supplying Nigeria's trigger-happy military, China offered dozens of patrol boats."


Making a laughing stock of fundamentalist Islam

Belief in the teachings of some of the Christian churches took a knock as a result of the slaughter by Christians of Christians in World war I. Some saw it as ungodly when certain Christian leaders supported the imperialists and militarists.

Surely fundamentalist Islam cannot survive much longer when its leaders behave in such an un-godly fashion.

Surely it is the leaders of Sudan who have insulted the Moslem religion.

According to the Daily Mirror (Outrage as teacher jailed over teddy row) :

The 'rat-infested' Omdurman prison 'was designed for 50 women but now houses more than 1,000 plus 400 children, most under the age of two.

'Between four and six children die each month from malnutrition.

'The women struggle to sleep crammed 30 to a cell in temperatures which can reach a searing 120F.

'Inmates also regularly go on hunger strike in protest at the disgusting food served by warders.
Brutal warders use techniques including solitary confinement, sleep deprivation, whipping with a hose and branding with an iron.

'There have even been reports of women being shackled and then raped by security officials.',com_contact/ampItemid,3/

Adel Darwish, the political editor of The Middle East magazine, says that Muslim children - "like children everywhere" - give their pets the names of characters they liked, be it a religious figure, sports hero or pop singer.

"Millions of Muslim children in Muslim nations give their dolls, pets and teddies Muslim names of the Prophet and his mother, daughters and wives."
- What can't be named Muhammad?

From: Sudan Government Makes 'Laughing Stock' of Islam

"One British Muslim who had been abducted and tortured by Sudanese security who threw him into prison without charges nor trial, in order to remove his business by competitors, witnessed the torture of Muslim students who had come to study Islam from other countries, but who had been victimised by corrupt lecturers at the islamist African University in Khartoum."


Do no evil


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UK teacher jailed over teddy row; time to denounce the fascist fundamentalists

In the Sudan a UK teacher has been jailed in a silly row over a teddy. (UK teacher jailed over teddy row )

Sudan is not unique in having controversial judges. Scottish judges sent a Libyan to jail for the Lockerbie Bombing. Reportedly the trial was unfair and the Moslem was innocent. (aangirfan: Lockerbie - who were the key players in the trial?)

Quite rightly, Bloggers condemn Sudan , just as they sometimes condemn the Scottish criminal justice system.

The teddy incident may be a turning point.

In the past, many bloggers, including this one, have shown sympathy for Moslems; there has been a belief that Moslems have been unfairly blamed for terrorism.

However, when it comes to cruel, ungodly, fascist behaviour, it seems that fundamentalist 'Moslems' can be just as wicked as fundamentalist 'Christians', 'Jews', 'Hindus' and 'Budhists'.

We should remember that when it comes to Terrorism: Moslems are apparently in it up to their necks

We still believe that the vast majority of Moslems are friendly, moderate people. (Kids getting exercise)
We base this belief on extensive visits to at least five 'Moslem' countries in recent years.
But the fascist fundamentalist Moslems must be denounced and opposed.
As Johann Hari points out, fundamentalist Moslems are as dangerous as the Christian fundamentalists who used to cause misery in Europe (Maryam Namazie: Johann Hari: Why do we ignore the plight of ex ...)
Martin Luther was a fascist. Luther declared that a possessed child should be thrown into the river to be killed or cured. (Robertson, History of Christianity: p208 Rejection of Pascal's Wager: Martin Luther)

Luther encouraged the nobles to suppress the 1525 Peasant's Revolt in Germany by violent means. And in fact the nobles tortured and then killed over 100,000 peasants.
Luther wrote: "Let all who are able, cut them down, slaughter and stab them, openly or in secret, and remember that there is nothing more poisonous, noxious and utterly devilish than a rebel." (Rejection of Pascal's Wager: Martin Luther)
We do not want mad religious extremists in positions of power.



Triangle of Death - Sudan


Stirring things up in Malaysia

At the Crossroads - Malaysia

"Faced with furious criticism from around the world over Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad's assertion that Jews rule the world, Malaysia apologised today for any misunderstanding and claimed that no offence was intended.

"Foreign Minister Syed Hamid Albar struggled to contain the damage wrought by his blunt-spoken boss, who told a summit of Islamic leaders yesterday that 'Jews rule the world by proxy. They get others to fight and die for them.'

"Repeated assertions of Jewish dominance dotted the speech to buttress Mahathir's analysis that Muslims needed to embrace modern knowledge and technology and overcome divisions over religious dogma that have left them weakened on the world stage." - Malaysia apologises for Mahathir's 'Jews rule world' remark - www ...

Photo from:

Malaysia is a successful Moslem democracy.
It is not without its faults but it is a happier country than most.

The ruling coalition won 199 out of 219 parliamentary seats in the 2004 elections.

The USA and its friends may be trying to wreck Malaysia?

According to The Economist, (Not mellow yellow ):

In mid November 2007, "tens of thousands of Malaysians wore canary-yellow shirts to defy a government ban and march in Kuala Lumpur, calling for fairer elections. Riot police blocked routes into the city and fired water cannon to break up the rally...

"Mr Anwar is out of jail and again leading opposition to the entrenched elite he was once part of."

Is Anwar a CIA agent?

September 2000: Malaysian politician Lim Kit Siang called on Prime Minister Mahathir to declare the outcome of three years of police investigations as to whether Anwar is a CIA agent and to state whether the United States is the country he meant in a Merdeka Day message as the country out to "recolonize" Malaysia.

Anwar was alleged to have received RM60 million from a Mr Nallakaruppan.

Former Bank Negara assistant governor Datuk Abdul Murad Khalid accused Anwar of having amassed a fortune of RM3 billion while in government through over 20 "Master Accounts".

Reference was made to the American-based organisation called Asia Pacific Policy Centre (APPC) headed by Douglas H. Paal, who was former Senior Director from Asian Affairs (1989 to 1993) of the National Security Council (NSC) of the United States.

MPs used parliamentary immunity to claim in Parliament that Anwar was a CIA agent on the basis that the APPC was a CIA outfit and Douglas Paal a CIA agent.

Oddly, Anwar had allegedly given money to APPC and Douglas Paal.


The Straits of Malacca are one of the most important shipping lanes in the world and are used for transporting oil. (

Admiral Thomas Fargo, head of U.S forces in the Asia-Pacific in his testimony to U.S House Armed Services Committee had suggested that U.S troops might assist in patrolling the straits to deter terrorists who might target shipping in the Malacca Straits. This suggestion has been resented both by Malaysia and Indonesia.


Remember the fall of Marcos in the Philippines and the fall of Suharto in Indonesia?Remember the fall of pro-Soviet regimes in Eastern Europe? Remember the recent changes in Haiti and Georgia?

There is a CIA connection.

Mark Almond, lecturer in modern history at Oriel College, Oxford, wrote in the Guardian, December 7, 2004:,3604,1367965,00.html

"As an old cold war swagman, who carried tens of thousands of dollars to Soviet-bloc dissidents alongside much better respected academics, perhaps I can cast some light on what a Romanian friend called 'our clandestine period'. Too many higher up the food chain of People Power seem reticent about making full disclosure.

"Nowadays, we can google the names of foundations such as America's National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and a myriad surrogates funding Ukraine's Pora movement or 'independent' media. But unless you know the NED's James Woolsey was also head of the CIA 10 years ago, are you any wiser?"

People Power is usually about changing regimes to suit the American Military Industrial Complex.

As Almond states, "People Power is, it turns out, more about closing things than creating an open society. It shuts factories but, worse still, minds. Its advocates demand a free market in everything - except opinion."



Teddy Bear Blasphemy case in Sudan (From: Grin and bear it)

"Let us not forget that in 1977 the late and unlamented Mary Whitehouse successfully brought a prosecution for blasphemy against Gay News for publishing this poem by James Kirkup. And just last week, the producers of Jerry Springer - The Opera were taken to court by some Christian extremists who accused them of blasphemy.

"I think it's high time in this country that we got rid of our blasphemy laws, which only protect Christian beliefs. All religions ought to be able to stand up for themselves, without relying on some legal crutch whenever they feel their sensibilities have been offended. Whether it's the naming of a teddy bear, cartoons, poems or inspired satire, those with religious beliefs really should just learn to grin and bear it." - Grin and bear it


In 1656, the Quaker James Naylor suffered flogging, branding and the piercing of his tongue by a red-hot poker.

The last person in Britain to be sent to prison for blasphemy was John William Gott on 9 December 1921. He had three previous convictions for blasphemy when he was prosecuted for publishing two pamphlets entitled Rib Ticklers, or Questions for Parsons and God and Gott. In these pamphlets Gott satirised the biblical story of Jesus entering Jerusalem (Matthew 21:2-7) comparing Jesus to a circus clown. He was sentenced to nine months' hard labour despite suffering from an incurable illness, and died shortly after he was released.



The death of General Gordon at Khartoum



"European intelligence provided to WMR confirms that Osama bin Laden has been a major kingpin in drug shipments to Europe and North America since 1991, when he established a major drug smuggling network in Sudan and Saudi Arabia.

"WMR can also confirm that the Bush administration's cozying up to the Sudanese government (which once provided Osama Bin Laden safe haven) is another indication that the Bush family continues to engage in joint financial activities with Osama Bin Laden.

"It is likely that Sudan's southern Christian rebel leader John Garang was encouraged to enter into a peace agreement with Khartoum in a ploy for him to let down his guard. Just days after Garang became Sudan's Vice President, he was killed in a suspicious helicopter crash along the Ugandan-Sudanese border, an area where Pentagon Special Operations forces are present. As Vice President, Garang was in a position to discover Bin Laden's past and present activities in Sudan, including those that involve Bush family interests.

"While Sudan claims it no longer has any relations with Osama Bin Laden, it can now be revealed that Osama Bin Laden continues to operate the Al Shamal Islamic Bank in Sudan that was identified by the State Department in 1996 as being linked to Al Qaeda and Bin Laden.

"The 'Al Qaeda' leader invested $50 million in the bank. The bank was used in 1993 to transfer $210,000 to a bank in Tucson, Arizona to finance the purchase of a plane to fly Stinger missiles from Pakistan to Sudan. The plane was flown to Khartoum. (According to the French intelligence report, Bin Laden was still under U.S. and British intelligence control at the time of the plane purchase and in 1993 Sudan was on the State Department's state sponsors of terrorism list).

"It is significant that Al Shamal's assets were never frozen by the United States nor was it designated a terrorist-related organization. The Sudanese claim that Al Shamal is no longer in operation and the Bush administration has not countered these claims."

"The Bin Laden drug network also intersects with Geneva-based financial entities established by George H. W. Bush while he was CIA director and Vice President and President of the United States.

"Bin Laden and Bush money are held in some of the same financial tranches in Switzerland, the Isle of Man, and the Bahamas."


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Scotland's CRIMINAL justice system; Hutchesons' Grammar School yobs walk free

Thomas Hutcheson

Hutchesons' Grammar School, in Glasgow, was founded in the 17th century by George and Thomas Hutcheson to teach orphans.

Hutchesons' Grammar School is now a private school. It educated Derry Irvine.

And now it seems to select yobs as some of its pupils.

A gang of five pupils from Hutchesons tried to gatecrash a party and left two men and a boy needing hospital treatment.
The injured 14 year old boy had his face cut with a bottle.

One yob was brandishing a chain during the attack.

What happened to the yobs? Did they go to jail?
Four of them were each ordered to carry out 200 hours' community service.

One was given a 12-month deferred sentence.

So the reputation of Hutchesons' Grammar School may have gone down the plughole.

And the reputation of Scottish justice is again in tatters?



Mad Moslems wrecking the image of islam? - Teacher charged over teddy row
"Gibbons ... asked the students to pick names for the bear and in the end, they voted to name it Muhammad, school officials say. So, according to this stupidity, shouldn’t the students also be punished?
"What about all Muslims who have the first name of 'Muhammad'?
"What about the clerics of the mosques the students and their parents attend for not teaching the children that they were insulting Islam?" - More From the Religion of Peace

'Israel wanted to destroy Pak nukes'

"Global warming is partly to blame for flooding in Jakarta that has forced thousands of evacuations and cut off a highway to the international airport, Indonesia's environment minister said Tuesday.

"Authorities pumped out some of the water, which was 23 feet (7 meters) deep in the worst hit areas and washed more than a mile (1.6 kilometers) inland Monday, said Iskandar, an official at Jakarta's flood crisis center. At least 2,200 houses were inundated, some with chest-deep water." - Rising Sea Disrupts Flights in Indonesia

Jon Mendelsohn is one of the UK Prime Minister's right hand men. Mendelsohn is a former chair of Labour Friends of Israel. The Jewish Chronicle listed Mendelsohn as the 28th most influential person in 'British Jewry'. The paper wrote: 'At ease in the corridors of power, Mendelsohn has the contacts and know-how to advance Israel's case in his Labour Friends of Israel role.' 'Ethical lobbyist' caught up in donations row

Reportedly, Mendelsohn has known for weeks about the falsely-declared donations given by David Abrahams. Sleaze scandal: Brown's chief fundraiser knew of illegal donations

Labouring for Israel

David Abrahams(AKA David Martin ), Jon Mendelsohn, Gordon Brown and the "Labour Friends of Israel" - jacta alea est

Pre-history of Jewish control in Washington - permanent link

Deadly bomb attacks in Sri Lanka


Giuliani and 'terror mastermind' Abdallah; Bush and the bin Ladens

Photo of Hamad bin Khalifah al-Thani and Bush.

Allegedly, America's leaders are in bed with the top terrorists.

The emir of gas-rich Qatar is Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifah al-Thani.

Reportedly, Abdallah bin Khalid al-Thani, a member of the emir's royal family, harboured 'the mastermind of the 9 11 attack', Khalid Sheikh Muhammad.

Reportedly, Abdallah bin Khalid al-Thani is 'the terrorist mastermind' who:

1. wired funds from Qatar to his nephew Ramzi Yousef prior to the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center

2. while on his Qatar farm, sold the idea of a plane attack on the twin towers to Osama bin Laden. (Rudy's Ties to a Terror Sheikh)
Three weeks after 9 11, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifah al-Thani toured Ground Zero.

Rudy Giuliani appeared on CNN with Hamad bin Khalifah al-Thani and 'vouched for the emir' when Larry King asked the mayor: 'You are a friend of his, are you not?'

Reportedly, Giuliani Partners, Giuliani's consulting company, has done business with the ministry run by Abdallah bin Khalid al-Thani.

Abdallah bin Khalid al-Thani was Qatar's minister of Islamic affairs. In 2001, he became the interior ministry.

Reportedly, Abdallah al-Thani's interior ministry (or the state-owned company it helps oversee, Qatar Petroleum) has worked with Giuliani Security & Safety LLC, a subsidiary of Giuliani Partners, on an undisclosed number of contracts. (Rudy's Ties to a Terror Sheikh)

The Wall Street Journal, September 28-29 2001, reported (Bin Laden and the Carlyle Group) :

"Mr. bin Laden's family... is an investor in a fund established by the Carlyle Group."

Linked to the Carlyle group, according to the Wall St. Journal, are the Bush family and other top Republicans.

"In recent years, former U.S. President George Bush, ex-Secretary of State James Baker and ex-Secretary of Defense Frank Carlucci have made the pilgrimage to the bin Laden family's headquarters in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia...

"A Carlyle executive said the bin Laden family committed $2 million through a London investment arm in Carlyle Partners II Fund...

"But a foreign financier with ties to the bin Laden family says the family's overall investment with Carlyle is considerably larger. He called the $2 million merely an initial contribution. again."


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Religion and Madness

At least 20% of the population may have a mental disorder during a given year. (Mental Health: A Report of the Surgeon General - Chapter 2)

Fundamentalists often appear to be particularly mad.

Thinks of the mad Hindus attacking Moslems in Mumbai. Think of the Christian Crusaders roasting children on spits.

Think of certain officials of the Ministry of Education in Sudan.

In the Guardian's Comment is Free site we read:

"The children voted and chose the name Muhammad. All but one of the children in her class are Muslims. Gillian then wrote a letter to the parents of Class 2X explaining that the children had chosen the name Muhammad for their class teddy bear.

"The school was visited by officers of the Ministry of Education... "The government men then asked to see and interview Gillian...

"On arrival at the police barracks, accompanied by the school principal, Gillian was interrogated for five hours. Gillian was then remanded to the cells...

"I was informed that Gillian had been charged under the Sudanese penal code with blasphemously defaming the Prophet."

The Muslim Council of Britain called on the Sudanese government to intervene in the case. (Sudan plays down teddy blasphemy case)

"This is a very unfortunate incident and Ms Gibbons should never have been arrested in the first place. It is obvious that no malice was intended," said Muhammad Abdul Bari, the council's secretary-general.

A spokesman for the Sudanese embassy in London said he believed the teacher would be cleared and the "minute" issue resolved amicably very quickly.

Anton T Boisen wrote "Exploration of the Inner World: A Study of Mental Disorder and Religious Experience". (1936)

Boisen wrote:

"(I proceed) from the hypothesis that there is an important relationship between acute mental illness of the functional type and those sudden transformations of character so prominent in the history of the Christian church since the days of Saul of Tarsus....

"Religious experience as well as mental disorder may involve severe emotional upheaval, and mental disorder as well as religious experience may represent the operation of the healing forces of nature (or of nature's God)...

"Certain types of mental disorder as well as certain types of religious experience are alike attempts at reorganization (of the psyche or soul at its most fundamental, existential level).

"The difference lies in the outcome (by their fruits you will know them, Matt. 7:16).

"Where the attempt is successful and some degree of victory is won, it is commonly recognized as religious experience. Where it is unsuccessful or indeterminate, it is commonly spoken of as insanity....

"I approach the problem not merely as a specialist in both the psychology and sociology of religion but also in psychopathology.

"What is more, I come to it as one who has personally explored the little-known country with which it deals."




Click on photo to read text. Photo from:


CIA disinformation from an ex-CIA agent? - Bin Laden Talks of Victory, Not Defeat

" says from the beginning of the invasion of Iraq by the United States Government, CIA and Israel Mossad Zionist Terrorist backed Mojahedin-e-Khalq Terrorists have been involved in setting up fake check points in Iraq with Iranian Traitors in Iranian Military Uniforms to give the image to Iraqi citizens that Iran is trying to invade Iraq."- Excerpts of before AIPAC Attorneys and US Judges ...

Indonesia fights for rights to bird flu samples

Bhutan "is the new marketplace for traffickers." - Tea estate trafficking raises concern

David Abraham's ' multimillion-pound business park development at Bowburn in County Durham, in the UK, was blocked by the Highways Agency.

This was because of a ban on further development beside the congested A1 road.

David Abrahams has given money to the UK Labour Party.

In October 2006, the Highways Agency lifted the ban on the business park development - and a separate one near Newton Aycliffe further south.

The transport secretary at the time was Douglas Alexander. - Profile: David Abrahams

Nuclear clean-up costs likely to soar beyond £70bn, MPs warn ...


Dr. Stephen Soldz

Hitler was Gay

In 1933, Jewish author Ludwig Lewisohn said that "the entire Nazi movement is in fact and by certain aspects of its avowed ideology drenched through and through with homoerotic feeling and practice."

German-Jewish historian Samuel Igra, in his 1945 book Germany's National Vice, suggests that a probable reason for Hitler's anti-Semitism is traditional Judaism's opposition to homosexuality

At the age of 16, Hitler moved to Vienna. A young man called August Kubizek joined him and they lived together for four months. Intensely jealous, Hitler wrote to Kubizek, "I cannot endure it when you consort and converse with other young people."

Hitler spent five months at a men's hostel known as "a hub of homosexual activity."

Hitler's rise largely was due to his close friendship with two homosexuals: Ernst Roehm and Dietrich Eckart.

Lothar Machtan, a professor of history at Germany's University of Bremen,writes in his book "Hitler's Secret - The Double Life of a Dictator" that Hitler had relationships with a number of men in his youth.

"We can say that Hitler had several homoerotic friendships up through the1920s," Machtan told Die Welt newspaper." Many of them would be described by people today as homosexual."

Hans Mend, a stableboy who served with Hitler in World War I, said: “We noticed that he never looked at a woman.... In 1915 we were billeted in the Le Febre brewery at Fournes. We slept in the hay. Hitler was bedded down at night with ‘Schmidl’, his male whore. We heard a rustling in the hay. Then someone switched on his flashlight and growled: ‘Take a look at those two nancy boys’.”

Eugen Dollman, Hitler’s interpreter, said that in 1923 he had heard a general in Munich reading from a police file in which young boys claimed that Hitler had paid them to spend the night with him.

The Night of the Long Knives in 1934.

Rohm, who had been with Hitler at the start of the Nazi movement, was a homosexual. Machtan says Rohm was one of very few people who knew about Hitler’s homosexuality. “It must have been Hitler’s nightmare that he would one day launch a smear campaign.”

Rohm was one of about 150 murdered in the Night of the Long Knives. Machtan says the “principal motive” for the slaughter was Hitler’s fear of blackmail.

Machtan refers to Hitler’s “poses,” “gestures and body language,” “his accessories (moustache, whip, etc.),” his “effeminate cast of feature, his taste for muscular, monumental art,” and “the marked pleasure he derived from contemplating the male physique".

Machtan claims Hitler was never very interested in women. His relationship with Eva Braun was almost certainly platonic.



"Cases of pneumonia caused by a novel adenovirus strain called Ad14 started to appear in 2005.
"Now the US Centers for Disease Control reports that, in four unrelated outbreaks across the US in the past 18 months, Ad14 has caused severe pneumonia in at least 140 people, including babies and healthy young adults, and killed 10 of them. There may well have been many more cases, since doctors rarely test for adenovirus." - Cold virus turns nasty


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What we have been reading today


Blair, Abrahams, Newcastle, Poulson; New Labour - New Sleaze?

David Abrahams, one of the UK Labour Party's major donors, has been in the news.

Mr Abrahams was in the front row when Tony Blair made a speech to local Labour party figures in his former Sedgefield constituency in June announcing his decision to stand down and quit Parliament.

Abrahams served as a Labour councillor in Tyne and Wear and his late father, Bennie Abrahams, was Lord Mayor of Newcastle.

David Abrahams is a director of six property companies. (Profile: reclusive Labour donor David Abrahams - Times Online)

Labour Party sleaze?

There was Labour MP Edward Short 'who had been in the habit of receiving bundles of banknotes from T Dan Smith', the city boss of Newcastle and one time partner of Eric Levine.

Smith formed business links with architect John Poulson which led to his trial for accepting bribes in April 1974.

"Smith's painting and decorating firm received more than half of the contracts for council housing. In 1962 he established a public relations firm to support redevelopment of other urban centres in the north-east, and later nationwide.

"This company formed links with John Poulson, an architect keen for the business and known for paying those who could supply it. Smith eventually received £156,000 from Poulson for his work, which typically involved signing up local councillors on to the payroll of his companies and getting them to push their councils to accept Poulson's prepackaged redevelopment schemes. Poulson earned more than £1,000,000 through Smith." - T. Dan Smith - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"The Poulson scandal in the early Seventies involved bribes, building contracts in London, the Midlands and the North-east and backstairs planning permission. It led to the conviction of Yorkshire architect John Poulson, senior civil servant George Pottinger and a number of local politicians and officials, including two top Labour councillors, T.Dan Smith, ex-leader of Newcastle City Council, and Andrew Cunningham, chairman of Durham County Council." -,8150,400446,00.html

The "Donnygate" Labour Party corruption case, March 2002, ( was a particularly bad local government corruption case. Two senior Labour Party councillors in Doncaster, South Yorkshire and a property developer were sentenced to a total of 11 years in jail.

The case has been described as the tip of a vast pyramid of corruption.

Doncaster Labour Party corruption involved:

1. councillors taking expenses for foreign trips

2. councillors buying racehorses

3. embezzlement reportedly running into millions

4. 74 arrests

5. 23 Labour councillors convicted for expenses fraud.

In neighbouring Labour Party-dominated Rotherham council:

1. Rotherham councillors set up an initiative to deal with the town’s poverty

2. Appointed officials received salaries of up to £100,0003.

The organisation failed to draw up a single working policy to combat poverty.


Sakka / Sakra / Saqa worked for the CIA and trained the 9 11 hijackers?

By his own account, Sakka "is a senior Al-Qaeda operative who was at the forefront of the insurgency in Iraq, took part in the beheading of Briton Kenneth Bigley and helped train the 9/11 bombers. He has been jailed in connection with the bombing of the British consulate in Istanbul." - London Times

Louai al Sakka is also known as Sakra and Saqa

Sakra worked for the CIA?

Ercan Gun, on 15 August 2005 at ( ), wonders if Al-Qaeda is a Secret Service operation.

Sakra was interrogated for 4 days at the Istanbul Anti-Terror Department Headquarters.

Reportedly this provided some important information.

According to Ercan Gun, Turkish intelligence specialists now believe:

1. Al-Qaeda is the name of a secret service operation.

2. Al Qaeda is linked to a strategy of tension. (See also Operation Gladio ; Turkey, terror bombs, the CIA and Mossad)

3. Sakra, the fifth most senior man in al-Qaeda, was offered employment by the CIA.

The CIA gave him a large sum of money.

The CIA claimed it eventually lost contact with him.

Reportedly, in 2000, the CIA asked the Turkish security service MIT to capture Sakra.

MIT caught Sakra in Turkey and interrogated him.

At a different period of time, Sakra was sought and caught by Syria's al-Mukhabarat.

Syria too offered him employment. Reportedly, Sakra eventually became a triple agent for the secret services.

And, what of Ali Mohamed who seems to have been a terrorist and an agent of the US security services?

Xymphora wrote: "it becomes impossible not to see Ali Mohamed as a U. S. Army intelligence agent. If he was a U. S. Army intelligence agent, and was protected by the U. S. government even after his participation in terrorist activities, he proves that it is possible to simultaneously be a U. S. agent and a member of al-Qaeda."



Sunday, November 25, 2007


"Experts estimate Indonesia could earn more than $US13 billion ($14.6 billion) by preserving its forests if the carbon trading plan gets support in Bali." - Bali spotlight on Indonesian forests

"Israeli/American interest and plans interlink in Darfur, to establish an independent State in western Sudan, under the leadership of the Az-Ghawi tribe that leads the insurgency in the province, besides establishing a technologically advanced military base under common American-British-Israeli observance, the purpose of which is to control security status, and political interactions in Egypt, Sudan, Libya, African states and the Red Sea. It also aims at protecting the oil pipeline that the U.S. is conducting negotiations to build, which shall be extending from Iraq, the Gulf States, to the Red Sea then to the Darfur province through Libya and Morocco to the Atlantic Ocean." - Israel in Darfur and Arab National Security

SCOTTISH LABOUR'S new spin-doctor said the SNP government had a "long and impressive" list of achievements. He described first minister Alex Salmond as "a great example of a politician on top of his game". - Pressure piles on Alexander

Swing to SNP in Dundee Council by-election win


Saturday, November 24, 2007

Inordinate Amounts

Andy Hayman is Britain's anti-terrorism chief. He was criticised for misleading the public over the de Menezes shooting.

"Hayman has been asked to explain at least £15,000 expenses that included claims for 'inordinate amounts' of drinking with colleagues.
"'Apart from the money, what happens if they are all out drinking when a bomb goes off?' said one Met official.
"The married father of two has been quizzed about his relationship with Sergeant Heidi Tubby, his former staff officer. Tubby is said to have accompanied him on foreign business trips at public expense." - Terror chief grilled over trips with woman sergeant

"Mr Ruddick's total contributions to Labour are listed as £196,000. But standing outside the semi he bought for just £12,000 and wearing a paint-splattered fleece top, the 55-year-old initially told The Mail on Sunday he had no recollection of ever giving to the party.
"Mr Ruddick works closely with David Abrahams, a wealthy property developer who is a prominent figure in the North East Labour Party." - How big Labour backer is a jobbing builder who knows NOTHING about his £200,000 donation

"A MAN who looks like Robert Murat tried to climb into the apartment where Madeleine McCann went missing at a time when another child was alone inside, it was claimed last night.
A new witness, who worked as a nanny at the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz, has given a sworn statement about the incident to detectives in the UK and Spain."-

"A NUCLEAR attack by terrorists causing widespread panic, chaos and death is inevitable and will happen soon, a senior Scottish police officer has warned." - Top police officer warns that nuclear attack is inevitable

Comments from readers of the Sunday Herald:

"All the more reason to vote for the SNP and get Trident out of the Clyde." - Jimbo

"From 1945 on...there were more than 528 atmospheric tests and more underground tests. Man-made radiation is still floating around up there and continues to pollute our DNA." - Dennis F. Nester, Phoenix, Arizona USA

"You **** across the pond better wake up and smell the the absolute bullshit your government is shoveling. Our 9-11 attack was completely orchestrated by Mossad/CIA and possibly elements within MI6. If any nuclear device is detonated in the West you can be 100% certain your own govt. did it to declare martial Law!" - Raoul Duke

"Sir Clive Whitmore, the Ministry of Defence's top civil servant at the time of the monster and totally corrupt al-Yamamah arms deal with Saudi Arabia, shares his Directorship of NM Rothschild with the Old Harrovian Charles Guthrie." - Lord Guthrie supporting the Military Industrial complex ... and Israel


Michaela Walczuch and Madeleine McCann

Michaela Walczuch (above)

Photo from: / :: View topic - Michaela Walczuch

Michaela Walczuch reportedly claims she was at a Jehovah's Witness meeting four miles away when Madeleine McCann was snatched.

Friends of Michaela said Walczuch was at the Jehovah’s Witness meeting on May 3 and that police had confirmed this.

But church elder Brother Teofilo Castela has said: "She was thrown out of the church more than a year ago and doesn't attend."

He added: “I haven’t been interviewed by the police. They haven’t been here.”

Another witness said, "I haven’t seen Michaela all year. She’s been thrown out."

Reportedly, Portuguese detectives have not bothered to test Walczuch's alibi by talking to any of the Jehovah’s Witnesses in Lagos, near Praia da Luz.

Madeleine: Now Murat's girlfriend's alibi falls apart
Murat Lover's Alibi Doubts
Maddie woman's alibi is 'false'

The Daily mirror, 20 November 2007, (MADDY: THREE ACCUSED ) refers to:

Robert Murat, who was spotted near Madeleine McCann's holiday apartment the night she vanished, despite him insisting he was at home nearby.

Murat's girlfriend Michaela Walczuch, named by the Mirror as the woman spotted bundling a child into a car two days after Maddy vanished. (Witness 'saw Murat's girlfriend with Madeleine')

Michaela's estranged husband Luis Antonio, a pool cleaner who worked at the resort where Madeleine McCann vanished.

A witness has told detectives from the Spanish Metodo 3 agency that Michaela Walczuch, 34, handed over a girl looking like Madeleine to a man in a car just two days after Madeleine vanished.

The witness said Walczuch took the child from her car and bundled her into the other car in central Portugal, 90 miles away from the resort of Praia da Luz.

Independent forensic tests of the McCann's hire car have found none of Madeleine's DNA, it emerged on 19 November 2007. (MADDY: THREE ACCUSED)

Home Office-approved pathologists carried out the tests.

Portuguese police have claimed Maddy's DNA was found in the boot of the Renault Scenic and insist her body was there.

"According to sources quoted in the newspaper 24 Horas, DNA samples found in Robert Murat's house were Madeleine's." - Madeleine's DNA was found in Murat's house, police claim the ...

"Detectives say they can prove Madeleine McCann was at the home of official suspect Robert Murat. They claim traces of hair and body fluids found during one of three searches at his villa came from the missing four-year-old." - MADDIE DNA FOUND IN MURAT HOUSE

Inconsistencies in Sergey Malinka's account of his relationship with Robert Murat emerged: 'he had said he had not contacted Murat in a year but Murat’s mobile phone records allegedly show he called Mr Malinka at 23:40 on the night Madeleine went missing.' [36][37]

Friends of the McCanns stated 'that they saw Murat outside the holiday complex on the night of the disappearance when he had stated that he was at home with his mother.' [41] Disappearance of Madeleine McCann - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"The hire car that was supplied to the McCanns was given to them by Mark Warner it is stated in one of Gerry's blogs." - MADDIE DNA FOUND IN MURAT HOUSE


Paulo Rebelo is leading the Madeleine inquiry. He also led the Casa Pia inquiry.

The former director of Casa Pia, a Portuguese children's home at the centre of a sex scandal, says abuse is still taking place there. Abuse continues at Casa Pia says former director

"José António Saraiva, in an article that he wrote, was the first person to say that many cases linked to Casa Pia were the fallout from wars between freemasons." - SIC Online - Casa Pia abusers favoured by new law

The Daily Mail, 20 October 2007, paints in some of the background to the Madeleine mcCann case: (Why Portugal is a haven for paedophiles - the disturbing backcloth to the Madeleine case)

"The existence of this so-called 'magic circle' of the Portuguese establishment, allegedly involved in an international paedophile ring using boys and girls from Casa Pia, was last week likened to an earthquake waiting to shake Portugal to its foundations.
"New allegations about the scale of the network will be put before the country's highest court within the next few weeks...
"Pedro Namora, a former Casa Pia orphan who witnessed 11 rapes on fellow orphans, during which they were tied to their beds, sympathises with the McCanns. He believes elements in the force have conspired to suppress both scandals, fearing damage to the country's reputation.
"'Portugal is a paedophiles' paradise,' said Mr Namora, now a lawyer campaigning on behalf of the Casa Pia victims. 'If all the names come out, this will be an earthquake in Portugal. There is a massive, sophisticated network at play here - stretching from the government to the judiciary and the police.
"'The network is enormous and extremely powerful. There are magistrates, ambassadors, police, politicians - all have procured children from Casa Pia. It is extremely difficult to break this down. These people cover for each other, because if one is arrested, they all are arrested. They don't want anyone to know.'" - Why Portugal is a haven for paedophiles - the disturbing backcloth to the Madeleine case

Australian elections - exit poll shows Howard loses seat

Photo of Kevin Rudd Psephos: Adam Carr's Electoral Archive.

A major exit poll "has predicted Kevin Rudd will be the next prime minister of Australia and that John Howard will lose his seat of Bennelong. The Sky News exit poll taken in 31 key seats predicts a two-party preferred result of 53 per cent to Labor to 47 per cent to the Coalition. The poll predicts Mr Howard's seat of Bennelong will fall to Labor." - Exit poll: Labor wins, Howard loses seat

Electors choose candidates for all 150 seats in the lower House of Representatives and 40 of the 76 seats in the upper house, the Senate.

John Howard leads the conservative Liberal-National party coalition. He came to power in 1996.

Kevin Rudd leads the Australian Labour Party. He served as a diplomat in Sweden and China. He is a committed Christian but was caught in a lap dance scandal (Labor leader caught in lap-dance club scandal - but does Australia ...)

Mr Rudd has promised a phased withdrawal of troops from Iraq

Rudd says he is an "economic conservative" like Mr Howard.

Rudd and Howard both oppose same-sex marriage.

Howard refused to sign the Kyoto agreement. Some parts of Australia are already experiencing record drought conditions.

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