Friday, October 19, 2007

UK soldiers gouge out eyes and cut off penises?

There are new allegations of abuse of Iraqis by British soldiers.

"Statements were taken last month in Damascus from hospital workers who say they saw the bodies of Iraqis handed over by the soldiers for burial. They claim the bodies show evidence of gouged-out eyes, serious injuries to genitals, asphyxiation and hanging." - Lawyers take MoD to court over Iraqi mutilation claims

"It appears that 22 Iraqis were taken into detention alive, only to be returned in body bags 20 hours later. But worse still, the evidence suggests a catalogue of abuse: first, that soldiers had earlier executed Iraqis in front of a number of witnesses; second, some of them were executed by shooting at close range or strangulation; third, many of the bodies show clear evidence of torture; fourth, bodies had been mutilated with eyes gouged out, and multiple stab wounds and body parts severed (including a penis)" - A catalogue of abuse


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