Saturday, October 20, 2007


The Observer newspaper is suspected by some of having links to MI6.

Kamal Ahmed works for The Observer newspaper. He has been accused of helping to 'sex up' the dodgy dossier on Iraq.

"Kamal Ahmed, who has been appointed director of communications for the Equality and Human Rights Commission, is accused of helping Alastair Campbell to 'sex up' the dossier while on a trip to Washington with Tony Blair. Mr Ahmed, a news executive at The Observer newspaper who will take up his quango post at the end of the year on a six-figure salary, is named in a book by Nick Davies, an author who writes for The Observer's sister paper The Guardian and is said to be close to The Guardian's editor... According to publishing sources, the book will claim that Mr Ahmed and Mr Campbell worked on the dossier in February 2003 – a critical point in the diplomatic build-up to war – when Mr Ahmed was The Observer's political editor and Mr Campbell was Mr Blair's director of communications. " - Observer exec denies he helped 'sex up' Campbell's dodgy dossier amid a spat with the Guardianistas

Kim Philby was foreign correspondent of the Observer - Tinker, tailor, soldier, journalist Special reports Guardian ...


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