Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Revealed: CIA offered $2m to Lockerbie witness and brother

Chief Madeleine detective sacked

Trafficked children 'go missing'

It's not just Burma that is ruled by generals:
Poverty in Indonesia Always with them

'Secret' Lockerbie report claim

Israel has had ties to dictatorships in Burma, apartheid-era South Africa, China, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Nicaragua, Congo, Angola, Sierra Leone... "The sadistic Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega owed his life, and his power, to Mike Harari, the ex-Mossad agent who led the team of mercenaries that was Noriega's palace guard. The Israeli arch-mercenary Yair Klein and his boys trained Colombia's right-wing death squads, drug cartels and whoever else would meet his price. When the apartheid regime of South Africa was having problems with black demonstrators, Israeli 'security companies' sold the white rulers electrified fences and gravel-spraying trucks." - Rattling The Cage: Shalom, Myanmar


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