Thursday, October 18, 2007

Madeleine: 'I still feel abduction is the most likely possibility,' says Prof Cantor.


Roger Graef, executive producer of Searching For Madeleine: A Dispatches Special on Channel 4, wrote about Madeleine in The Daily Mail, 18 October 2007. - THE MADDIE FILES: Five experts explain how the police missed vital chances to find her - or her body

Channel 4's Dispatches sent five British experts in criminal investigation to Praia da Luz

Professor David Canter, Director of Investigative Psychology at Liverpool University, is one of Britain's foremost behavioural profilers.

'I still feel abduction is the most likely possibility,' says Cantor.

Professor Dave Barclay, a leading forensic scientist, says the layout of the holiday complex made it 'a pervert's paradise'.

Some apartments overlook the pool.

Prof Barclay says the speculation about the DNA is 'interesting', but no more than that.

Madeleine had cut her knee during the holiday.

Prof Barclay is sceptical about the reports of body fluids in the McCanns' hire car.

'You've got to work out where the body has been and how it got transported in the car that wasn't hired until 25 days after Madeleine disappeared,' he says.


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