Monday, October 29, 2007


From Duke of Clarence to Margaret, the blackmailers' royal victims

Family First candidate dumped over internet photos

Steep rise in child sexual assault complaints among Haredis

IRAQ: Child prisoners abused and tortured, say activists

US practicing systematic rape, torture, sadism against women in Iraqi prison camps

Christian/Jewish Fascism Awareness Week

Priests Jailed for Protesting Fort Huachuca Torture Training

"Mr Salmond said Scotland could be one of the three wealthiest nations in Europe if it had a greater share of North Sea oil and gas revenues. It currently sits 10th out of the 27 European countries in terms of GDP per head of population, according to Scottish Government figures." -SNP Leader Sets Out Vision For Independence

"Robert Crawford, a former chief executive of the economic development agency Scottish Enterprise, said a succession of CEOs - both at Scottish Enterprise and its predecessor body - had made clear their support for independence, regardless of their position before coming to the job. 'When they were in the job, they knew with complete and unerring certainty that on the economy, we were playing five-a-side football against an 11-a-side on a full international pitch,' he said." - A song with harmony in SNP debate


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