Sunday, October 14, 2007

I will vote for the party that sacks most of the bureaucrats

Recently, while I was in a certain Third World country, I noticed lots of palatial new office blocks for the bureaucrats.

I also noticed that most of the roads, schools and hospitals were in a disgustingly poor state of repair.

In some senses, Britain is becoming like that Third World country.

The ever growing number of UK bureaucrats, sitting in their ever-expanding, fully-carpeted offices, are making life hell for our teachers, policemen, doctors and nurses.

It is time to sack most of the the bureaucrats in the UK

I will vote for the party that sacks them.

Dr James Le Fanu, in the Sunday Telegraph of 14 October 2007 (There was no squalor when sister ran the ward), wrote:

"Back in the mid 1970s when I was a junior doctor at the 1,000 bed Whipps Cross Hospital in east London - one of the biggest and busiest in Europe - the 'management' consisted of just six people.

"Like every other hospital in the country at that time it ran itself as a virtually independent, self-functioning organism.

"The cleaners cleaned, the nurses nursed, the doctors did their rounds: everyone did their jobs as well and as professionally as they knew how.

In the late 1980s, the stupid Conservatives decided to change things.

"Now every management function had to be replicated by 'purchasers' and 'providers'; every syringe, every swab had to be accounted for, while an army of administrators were recruited to negotiate and draw up contracts and ensure their implementation.

"The 510 senior managers who had run the unreformed NHS swelled over three years to 13,000..." (There was no squalor when sister ran the ward )

"The number of senior managers has expanded faster than any other category of NHS staff, and they now number nearly 40,000 - 80 times as many as two decades ago.

"To that figure must be added a further 250,000 'administrative and clerical' personnel that now constitute a fifth of all NHS employees...

A recent report on a UK hospital stated that "There were non-functioning bed pan washers, bedding was scattered on the floor, needle disposal bins were unemptied and overflowing, and so on." (There was no squalor when sister ran the ward )

Sack the bureaucrats.


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