Saturday, October 20, 2007

Dr David kelly and Operation MASON.

A secret file of evidence was submitted to the Hutton inquiry by Thames Valley Police.

The contents remain secret.

But 'the cover is publicly available and reveals that the codename for the investigation was Operation Mason.'

This has given rise to 'rumours of a freemasonry angle'.

The start time of Operation Mason is given as 2.30pm on Thursday July 17.

That was at least half an hour BEFORE Dr Kelly set off from his home on his fatal walk. Click here for Part Two of Norman Baker's shocking investigation ... / The Truth Seeker - Was Dr. Kelly Murdered?

And, it is nearly ten hours before Dr Kelly's wife rang the police to sound the alert over her missing husband.


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Anonymous said...

I have been looking into the case of Dr. David Kelly's death for a few days now, including studying the Freedom of Information requests submitted by various concerned members of the public. Those directed towards the Ministries of Defence, "Justice", and the Attorney General's Office have generally been refused on 1 ground or another, whilst those directed towards Thames Valley Police have drawn a complete blank.

It is obvious to anybody, not just conspiracy theorists, that if there was nothing to hide, then these F. O. I. requests would have been able to have been answered.

Why was it necessary to have a secret file on Dr. Kelly, which only related to his disappearance and death, a period lasting less than 2 days?

The possible involvement of Special Branch, Detective Constables with higher security clearance than the Assistant Chief Constable, and huge discrepancies in the evidence presented to the Hutton and Chilcott enquiries and subsequent statements by some of those involved, clearly show the need for a really independent enquiry, coupled with a full coroner's inquest with legal powers to summon people to appear and give their testimony under oath.

Knowing this country, though, I am not holding my breath for it to happen!

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