Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Diana looked to be very lightly injured

"Diana looked to be very lightly injured, did not look too severely hurt at all." - '£300000 deal' for crash photos

From: Assasination of Princess Di>

"According to the autopsy, Princess Diana died of internal bleeding as the result of injury to the pulmonary vein. This type of injury does not lead to rapid loss of blood, but can be only stopped by surgery. Injuries of this type do not typically end in the death of a patient, if the injured person arrives at a hospital within 15 to 20 minutes after the accident.

"French physician Frederic Maillez, who was the first medical professional to arrive at the scene of the accident, was quoted by the Telegraph as saying that Diana had 'looked pretty fine. I thought this woman had a chance.' His opinion was shared by the prominent surgeon Christian Barnard who on March 3, 2001 in a signed article in the Telegraph wrote that
'Princess Diana could have been saved if she had reached hospital on time.'...

"Among the numerous details given about the circumstances surrounding the accident inside the Paris' de l’Alma tunnel and Princess Diane's death at La Sal Petriere hospital, the distance between the the de l’Alma tunnel and the La Sal Petriere hospital (3.8 miles) and the time sequence of events leading to Princess Diana's death at 4:04 a.m. are of prime importance...

"The travel to the hospital took 43 minutes. The distance between Pont de l'Alma and La Sal Petriere hospital is 3.8 miles, thus the speed of the ambulance would be 5.3 miles per hour, close to that of a pedestrian.



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