Saturday, October 20, 2007

Destabilization of Pakistan

"The destabilization of Pakistan is part of the U.S. plan because it is a Muslim nuclear state. The U.S. wants to isolate Pakistan from China as part of its containment policy." - Gen. Hameed Gul, former Pakistan spy chief. - Cached

"Asif Ali Zardari, Ms Bhutto’s husband, held Pakistan’s intelligence agency to blame... Shortly after the attack, Ms Bhutto’s spokesman called for the dismissal of the head of Pakistan’s intelligence bureau..." Bhutto’s husband blames Pakistan intelligence for blasts

"My Intelligence Bureau once taped ISI officials stating that America, Army and Asif, all three did not want me, the 3 A's." - I will not be intimidated: Benazir

According to the CIA is in the process of trying to find a replacement for Pakistan's president, Pervez Musharraf. Reportedly, the CIA hopes to replace Musharraf with a military officer.


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