Saturday, October 27, 2007


"When Sarkozy was France's minister of interior and clamped down hard on Muslim immigrants, calling mainly Muslim rioters 'scum' in a widely-publicised interview, they retaliated by calling him 'Sarkozy, sale juif [dirty Jew]'. Obviously there is no love lost between the five million-strong French Muslim community, the largest in Western Europe, and the French president. He has grounds for concern. He assiduously courts the Israelis. That much is known." - Furl the flag

"A new book in Germany is casting light on Israel's covert program to provoke violence among Muslims in Western Europe and engage in 'false flag' operations in order for Western governments to blame Muslim radicals. The book, Der Krieg im Dunkeln (War in the Dark) by Udo Ulfkotte, formerly a correspondent for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, provides details of the operations of two Israeli intelligence units - the Metsada, which specializes in sabotage, including 'false flag' terrorist attacks and assassinations; and LAP (Lohamah Psichlogit), which engages in psychological warfare... Ulfkotte claims that British and German intelligence agents encountered Metsada and LAP agents in France stirring up violence during the November 2005 riots, blamed on Islamic extremists." - Memory Hole: Israel's Dirty Games

Tony Blair - agent of Israel? "Rabbi Benny Elon, president of the right-wing Israeli National Union Party, was unable to conceal his relief last Thursday when a Hebrew radio news programme presenter asked him about his evaluation of the recent plan devised by Quartet envoy and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. 'Finally, even Blair agrees with us on two primary points,' Benny Elon said. "These are uprooting the Palestinian terrorist organisations and solving the problem of the refugees without holding Israel any responsibility for it." - Blair's true colours

"In a YouGov poll commissioned by the SNP at the end of the UK political conferences season, 60% of those questioned said the SNP was doing a good job against 27% who thought it was doing a bad job. Salmond's approval ratings are off the scale: 39% said he was the most impressive party leader, against 9% for his nearest rival, Wendy Alexander, the Scottish Labour leader." - Iain MacWhirter: The tartan revolution


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