Sunday, October 28, 2007

Could friendships be ruining your life?

Aangirfan is a cooperative of convent school girls, former convent school girls and assorted circus performers. We meet in Monaco.


We certainly know what school girls can be like.

They do not always get along.

Let me tell you about Hortense, Nathalie, Charlotte, Danielle, Chantal, Josette....

The Sunday Telegraph, 28 October 2007, has an article, entitled: Could friendships be ruining your life? , which exactly describes our 'friends'.

The Telegraph article refers to different Friend Prototypes.

Hortense is a passive aggressive underminer.

Hortense is the 'friend' who makes barbed comments 'cloaked in a veil of concern'.

When we're in Jimmy'z disco, Hortense will say: "You poor soul, what a pity that charity shop sold you such an unsuitable blouse.... Your skirt looks OK; it's not nearly as much of a disaster as what you were wearing last time; that short skirt and the long socks...."

Nathalie is the constant talker.

Recently we were dining at Villa St. Maxime, in St-Paul-de-Vence, and Nathalie simply did not want to hear about my trip to Sawai Madhopur. Nathalie hogged the conversation. She wanted to be the centre of of attention. She wanted us all to know about the problems her daddy is having with one of his yachts and about the party she attended with some Italian prince with Mafia connections.

Charlotte is the drama queen.

Charlotte thinks we're all going to fail our exams. Charlotte thinks Monsieur Croque, our teacher of etiquette, is hot but cheesy and is going to teach us all the wrong stuff.

Danielle is the naysayer.

Recently, while on a school trip to the Musée du Message Biblique Marc-Chagall, I showed Danielle a drawing from my art potfolio. I asked her if she would like to have it as a gift. Her advice was that I should give up any ambitions to be an artist. She thinks I would make a good librarian, if my language skills improve.

Chantal is the peer pressurer.

Chantal knows I have exams followed by an early morning flight to La plagne in the Rhone-Alpes for the skiing . But she insists that I stay up all night chatting and drinking at Le Bar Americain.

Josette is the plan breaker

Josette says that on Friday night she will drive me, in her Daddy's Bentley, to a cafe at the Cours Saleya. Of course she does not turn up. She's met someone else, some mec, putain or whatever.

Claudine is the sob sister

Claudine makes us depressed with her tales of sickness and disaster. She feels that she is not well treated by Sister Constance, but she will not do anything about it. Sister Constance might like Claudine better if she stopped wearing a bra.


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