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"Crazy Night$ In Jakarta is really crazy, and I'm not referring to the fact that it's written in French and has given Jakartass and Indcoup permanent links . Nope, it's that the posts are, um, post-dated and therefore somewhat futuristic. The 'team' also have Crazy Day$ in Jakarta and Crazy Crui$in' in Indonesia which, as far as my fluency in French will allow, is about (probably) heterosexual travels around volcanoes, islands and bars. There are some really nice photos too.

"I tried to check out the team, thinking that there are similarities with the very interesting but mysterious serial blogger Aangirfan who used to claim to be one of a group of ex-convent girls living in Monaco..." -



Amazing pictures!


Twin Towers: sei anni dopo il ricordo tra dubbi e polemiche

"Fra i primi a smontare le presunte verità la rivista Popular Mechanics ripresa anche da Diario e il documentario della BBC accusato dalla blogosfera di faziosità e scarsa accuratezza giornalistica (come afferma Aangirfan)."


Chemical Weapons Defeating US/NATO in Afghanistan

There is an intriguing story suggesting that the Lockerbie PanAm airplane bombing in 1988 was not the work of Libyan agents but the result a CIA assassination of an Army major who had discovered an illegal CIA drug operation. A 45-minute documentary from British television about this can be found here: Sky Television – Conspiracies: Lockerbie & the CIA.


British Ambassador Demands Russians Break the Law

"Speaking of Lockerbie: there was a connection to the Island of Malta [IMG ] about which our good friend Aangirfan has some interesting connections laid out in a recent posting."


Glasgow Airport attack, the SNP and the security services

Rejoice! (3)

CCTV London-Bombing manipuliert ?

The NWO rant…


"Wars haven’t worked very well, so the U. S. and Israel are falling back on conducting war by other means. We’ve come full circle, with Hamas having been bolstered to counter Fatah, and now Fatah being armed to counter Hamas. The roots of this go back to covert American support of the Muslim Brotherhood to counter Nasser, another bright idea that some might want to take back. If you accept the Official Story, the events of September 11 were the ultimate ‘blowback’ for this support." - Sunday, May 27, 2007


The BritMeds 2007 (15)

"More people in this country are dying than is necessary - this proves it. England is an international disgrace. In the developed world, only North Korea and Turkey, I think, are worse." Says Aangirfan


Do Lies Win the Day?

The alleged ringleader of the July 21 London bomb plot, Said Ibrahim, allegedly collaborated with two of the alleged July 7 London bombers. Allegedly Mr Ibrahim, 29, spent two months in Pakistan at the same time as Mohammed Siddique Khan and Shehzad Tanweer. The accusation came from the defence barrister representing Manfo Kwaku Asiedu. 21 July plotter 'linked to 7/7' July 21 suspect 'plotted with 7/7 bombers'


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