Thursday, October 18, 2007


Le Figaro reported that an email sent to 100 high-ranking police officials claims French President Nicholas Sarkozy is a former agent of the Israeli intelligence services, Mossad. - Sarkozy an Ex-Mossad Agent!?

"La PJ enquête sur un courriel envoyé durant la présidentielle à cent hauts responsables de la police. Il affirmait que Sarkozy, comme Balkany, Lellouche, Devedjian et Aeschlimann, étaient liés au Mossad." -

"Analysts in Kenya are debating whether their country, an ally of the United States in the campaign against terror, could shift direction if December presidential elections are won by a candidate who enjoys strong support among Muslims." - Outcome of Kenyan Election Could Impact Anti-Terror Cooperation

"Indra Setiawan, former head of Garuda Air head, has testified that he received a letter signed by a deputy chief of Indonesian intelligence, requesting that the pilot serve as the security officer on Thalib's last flight." - New Testimony in Indonesia Activist Death


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